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  • The Role Of Rhiannon From The First Branch Of The Mabinogi

    And yet, her Otherworldliness cannot be dismissed. Rhiannon is a strong leader who rule with the skill of a síd, actively improving both Pwyll’s land and his leadership, working against the more traditional passive role of sovereignty goddesses. Before any of this can be established however, it is essential to look at how Rhiannon’s divinity is created and shaped by remnants of Pre-Christian deities. Rhiannon’s divine origins are far from superficial. From her first introduction in the First Branch of the Mabinogi, Rhiannon is heavily associated with supernatural and godlike qualities. She appears riding a horse outpacing Pwyll’s men easily and without tire. This image of her relates neatly to that of the Gaulish horse goddess Epona, who is frequently depicted riding sidesaddle on a horse. In fact, Rhiannon…

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  • Celtic Polytheism In Greek Mythology

    She has a very similar role to that of Gaea in the Greek creation myth in the way that they both are sort of the root of all creation in the world. Like Gaea, she gives birth to a son named Cernunnos, whom is paralleled to Uranus. Similar to how Gaea and Uranus come together to create the titans, Eiocha and Cernunnos go on to create more gods like Maponos, Tauranis, Teutates, and Epona. Without the creation of Eiocha, there would have been no gods to create the rest of the world. Her actions in…

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  • I Want To Pursue A Career In Veterinary Medicine

    what I experienced during my time at Hillcrest, the impact that it had on me is beyond measure. This job and all that I was able to do at the clinic renewed the passion that I had for animals and helped me make the decision to pursue a career. Hillcrest treats horses, dogs, and cats, and offers full reproductive services for horses and dogs. I was able to be extremely hands-on in the clinic. I assisted with the birth of several cesarean section puppy litters, the births of multiple foals, embryo…

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  • Saba In Moria Young's Blood Red Road

    so that they may both find their brother. Initially Saba had decided to leave Emmi with a friend of their mother’s as to keep Emmi safe. According to Saba, Emmi is nothing more than a hurdle simply because she is slowing her down, however when Emmi follows her into the night, unwilling to argue Saba has no choice but to assent to Emmi’s insistence “You [can’t] come with me…[i]t’s too dangerous. You [have to] go back to Crosscreek…I load the gear onto the horse an[d] then I lift her on too”…

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