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  • Spanish Language Essay

    English when you conjugate a verb with each of the six different personal pronouns, the only form that really changes is the one used with the third person: she, he or it; while in Spanish each verb has different form for each of the six personal pronouns. In my country, Cuba, as in most countries, we have different dialects that our different communities use. For example, I grew up in La Havana, where we have some special words and phrases that my community used as part of a dialect used mainly in the streets. Some of these phrases are: "que bola" or "que bolon." Both of these phrases is equivalent to saying "what's up" in English. Some of the words are: "consorte, manito and asere" that are used to name a friend or someone you know, when you are talking to them in the streets. Also we have adopted some words from the English language itself, like "brother" which we use as an equivalent of "manito or asere." In my country, as in any other country, I think, we can always tell when someone does not belong to our community because of their accent or the words they use. Usually even though we can differentiate them, we do not treat them bad or anything like that, but we can not speak to then the way we usually do because they would not understand like if we call them "manito" or "asere, " they are going to say: "What?." So we usually try to speak in a common language, that we can both understand. Of course, there are always rude people in all communities.…

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  • Radiation Protection Policy Analysis

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has utilized NCRP recommendation in several key policy decisions. The in 2002 the NRC released changes to 10 CFR part 25 “Medical use of byproduct material” that incorporated portions of NCRP Report no. 116 as well as emergency planning, assessment of radiation exposure and training. NCRP reports were critical in the 2002 revision to skin dose, 1999 guidance on prenatal expose, 1996 guidance for risk for occupational exposure and 2010 guidance on…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Why Does Monsanto Sue Farmers Who Save Seeds?

    Small Seeds Creating Big Waves On a day to day basis people in our country go to their local grocery store and purchase produce for their family. Where do these fruits and vegetables come from? Most people would answer “They are grown on a farm of course!” Which indeed is true, but thinking beyond that, most produce starts off as just a tiny seedling. So going back to the question… fruits and veggies come from seeds which are produced and distributed by agribusiness corporations like Monsanto.…

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  • What Is Wrong With Animal Testing

    never the same and so it is with other species such as mice or monkeys. This fact is due to the physical and psychological conditions and preparation of each subject. In her book In the Name of Science, F. Barbara Orlans, explains that the most common tests used to analyze the effectiveness or the safety of products are the Draize and the LD50. Both of them imply a large amount of pain to the animals and sometimes death. On one hand, the Draize test consists in applying possible toxic or…

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  • Methadone Replacement Therapy Reflection Paper

    Methadone replacement therapy is also known as methadone management therapy (MMT) to reduce the radical from the community as this is a harm reduction therapy rather than a cure. MMT practice on a direct observation therapy (DOT) basis in which the client is required to consume the methadone in front of the pharmacist. There are cases that client might require BD dosing which the methadone is rapidly metabolized by the liver and not sufficient for whole day coverage while the second dose is…

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  • Diagnostic X-Rays Informative Speech

    medical procedures like x-rays. Radiation is only dangerous in very large doses like those from Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs, or the nuclear plant disaster in Chernobyl in 1986. If you look at this chart here, you will see that diagnostic x-rays contribute a very small part to the overall radiation we are all exposed to (point to chart #1, National Council on Radiation Protection 2006 report). Besides, x-rays use very low doses of radiation. On the second chart, you can see that getting a…

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  • Arthroplasty Essay

    variables included time to ambulation, discharge eligibility and time to discharge. Postoperative verbal analogue pain scores (VAS) at rest and movement were also noted. We also noted the use of antiemetic and NSAIDs. We used the following table for oral morphine dose calculation (17). Table 1 Mean Oramorph Equivalent Opiate Consumption Drug Equivalent morphine dose Oral Codeine divided by 10 Oral Tramadol divided by 10 Oramorph multiply…

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  • Breast Irradiation Therapy

    APBI can be delivered by brachytherapy or by external beam radiation therapy techniques. Accelerated partial breast irradiation is another technique used to deliver a course of radiotherapy over an even shorter time, usually 5 days. Brachytherapy provides a reduction in treatment length and loss prevention of healthy tissue. This treatment option employs a fractionated dose of 3.4 Gy administered BID over 5 days. Additionally, this course of treatment reduces the exposure time thus reducing…

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  • Sesame Equivalent Yield: A Case Study

    Sesame Equivalent Yield Green gram and groundnut yields were converted into sesame equivalent yield, on the basis of their prices for benefit of comparison of different cropping treatments [Table-4]. Sesame equivalent yield in different intercropping situations were appreciably higher than that of sole crops of sesame or green gram, but were lower than the sole crop of groundnut, in both the years [Table-4]. Groundnut producing much higher yield showed superiority to both sole and intercropping…

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  • Anova Essay

    Repeated-Measures ANOVA Assuming Sphericity was observed and compared to the data results from Question 2. The rates of oxygen consumption of four isolated, arrested, guinea-pig hearts was determined in response to four doses of oubain sequentially presented, at equally-spaced time intervals, as a fully-balanced 4x4 Latin Square. The oubain doses administered at the specified times was given. The rates of oxygen consumption recorded at the corresponding times was also given. Data were subjected…

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