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  • Pt1420 Unit 1 Application Assignment

    I then asked Frank “what can you do to learn and remember the items?” Frank responded with, “I can memorize them.” I gave Cassie as much time as she needed in order to memorize the five items. When he was ready he stared, “black pen, blue pen, pencil, eraser, and paper.” After I stated, “Now can you tell me how you remembered the five different school items?” He nodded his head and began saying, “I remembered black pen and blue pen, because there both pens but different colors. Pencil and paper, because I need a pencil in order to write on the paper. And an eraser, just in case I make a mistake.” I smiled and said, “you did awesome!” Frank was using the chunking strategy. Frank was able to group the black and blue pens together, the pencil and paper and the eraser. He broke the five items and created two units. This helped him recall the five…

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  • Summary Of Maximum Ride: The Angle Experiment

    away from them. These people known as erasers or “white coats” had taken away eleven year old Angel to the “school” as they call it, but ill talk about that later. Max, or her full name Maximum is one of the older Characters next to Fang (boy) at around the age 18. Both Nudge (girl) and Gasman (boy) are at around 10 to 13, and Angel is 11. Angel is basically Max’s daughter since Max had raised her since she was a baby. They all went to their cabin on the mountain and they were stunned at what…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Giving Tree By Shel Silverstein

    Six-year-old children do not make good doctors. This statement may seem fairly obvious, but my six-year-old-self was ignorant to this fact. Sitting in the middle of a carpet floor of a white-walled classroom, my best friend Gracie and I were using mechanical pencils to give each other ‘shots’. After cleaning our arms, hands, thighs and any other body parts that desperately needed medical attention with hand sanitizer and tissues, we traded turns being the doctor and administering the ‘shots’.…

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  • Erasers-Personal Narrative

    • Max is freaking out because she's facing imminent death, what with Erasers on her tail and all, and running with all her might—when she comes up to a cliff. Then she spreads her wings and jumps off. Max wakes up, startled, that whole chase from the Erasers was just a dream, thank goodness. She always has this nightmare about running away from the School and being chased by Erasers. Getting out of bed, Max goes to look outside the house; they're high on a mountain and pretty safe. They moved…

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  • Aristotle's Four Cause Analysis

    An eraser for example, is an artifact that is changed by humans. The material cause of the eraser would be rubber. Rubber is the raw material that creates the eraser. The formal cause of the eraser is its design. Rubber creates an eraser because of the shape that it takes. Rubber could create various different objects, yet when rubber is shaped into the form of an eraser, it becomes an eraser. The efficient cause of the eraser is who, or what, created the eraser. In this case, it could…

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  • Technology In School Research Paper

    Students in the twenty-first century will use technology in school, to learn new skills. They will use computers in school, to help them write better. The students will also use erasers to make their work neat. We may not consider pencils as technology, but pencils are a type of technology used in schools, so students can do their organizing. These are some of the many types of technology that students will use in schools. Student will use computers in school for various reasons. Since there…

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  • Summary Of Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

    who they trust and who they love even if they are not of the same blood. Courage is also a recurring theme in this book show by all the protagonists. The flock have to protect themselves from many mutated muscular half man and half wolf called “Erasers”. Max is one of the main protagonist that the book itself is told in her point of view. Max is the oldest of the group and is also in charge of all of them. Max holds it on herself to keep all of the flock safe and to make sure that they are…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Pleasure Of Leather

    even strokes. Buff with a second soft cloth to bring out the shine. For untreated leather, we follow a different approach. Using “Mink Oil” and a soft cloth apply evenly over the entire leather surface in a smooth even motion. Next, with a second cloth finish up with a good rubdown. 6 Steps for suede Suede leather is a different breed of cat and requires different handling to clean successfully. STEP #1:Get yourself a suede brush Stop by your local shoe store and get a suede brush. Do not use a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Amazon Rainforest

    The Amazon Rainforest is being harmed in many different ways and Amazonians, Rubber tappers, Loggers, Settlers, Cattle Ranchers and the Environmental Groups, are trying to save it. My Interest Group I choose was The Rubber Tappers. I think the Rubber Tappers deserve to control the land because they are very beneficial to the rainforest and everyday resources because rubber tappers should be able to control the land because they're trying to save the trees from being illegally cut down, rubber…

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  • Why I Love Art

    loved art. When I was five years old, I would mischievously color all over my sister’s bedroom walls. Now whenever I have any free time to spare, I invest it all into creating a new piece. Whether it’s rough sketches or a time-consuming finished product, my love for creating art will never change. With each new school year brought a new art class to my life. I’ve taken art every single year since kindergarten, and I have progressed with each brush stroke and eraser shaving along the way.…

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