Pt1420 Unit 1 Application Assignment

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CHILD ONE: In order to complete my application assignment, I received help from Cassandra. Cassandra is: 4 years old, a female, and has not started school. Cassandra’s first language is Spanish. She has not had a nap. Cassandra is my cousin. I administered the activity on Monday around 5pm. Cassandra and I were sitting at her dining table.

I presented a list that included five different grocery items (milk, eggs, bread, orange juice, strawberries). I then asked Cassie, “what can you do to learn and remember the items of groceries on the list?” Cassie responded with, “maybe a list.” I then stated, “what if we didn’t have paper or pens, how would we remember these five items?” Cassie responded with, “by creating a song.” I then asked Cassie to create a song that included the five grocery items. I gave Cassie as much time as she needed in order to create a song. When she was ready she sang, “I went shopping with mommy, we bought milk and bread - because daddy likes milk and bread. We bought eggs and orange juice -
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I then asked Frank “what can you do to learn and remember the items?” Frank responded with, “I can memorize them.” I gave Cassie as much time as she needed in order to memorize the five items. When he was ready he stared, “black pen, blue pen, pencil, eraser, and paper.” After I stated, “Now can you tell me how you remembered the five different school items?” He nodded his head and began saying, “I remembered black pen and blue pen, because there both pens but different colors. Pencil and paper, because I need a pencil in order to write on the paper. And an eraser, just in case I make a mistake.” I smiled and said, “you did awesome!” Frank was using the chunking strategy. Frank was able to group the black and blue pens together, the pencil and paper and the eraser. He broke the five items and created two units. This helped him recall the five

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