Personal Narrative Essay: My Best Friend Isabella's Life

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She smelled the delicious smell of dinner cooking in the oven. The girl was clicking the remote for the looking for something to watch. Listening to her Mom’s voice singing to a song while she was setting up for dinner. The girl’s name was Emily and she was ten years old. She lives in Georgia in a small house with her Mom, Dad, 2 brothers and 1 sister. While she was sitting on her couch waiting for dinner to be done, she was watching the television while filling out a card for her best friend Isabella.
“Today is January 20, 2018, my best friend Isabella’s birthday!” Shouted Emily, “she is having a sleepover birthday party and I cannot wait to go!” Isabella and Emily have been Best Friends ever since kindergarten. “Dinner is done,” called
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“I forgot to eat my dinner because I ran upstairs before I had a chance to take a bite of it.” Emily said angrily. She goes over and checks her bag to see if she had brought any food. “That is what I forgot! Food. I was too busy trying to get everything else together that I forgot to bring a snack,” states Emily as she is mad at herself, “It is alright I will live.” She goes over to the old brown wooden chair and sits in it. She wonders about what she should do now. “Well I cannot go outside and play on the swing set because if my mom sees me she will be very mad,” comments Emily. Still thinking about ideas of things to do she remembers that she brought her toys with her. With excitement, Emily starts running to the table where she left her bag and takes her toys out of her bag. “I brought my dolls and a coloring book,” excitedly says Emily. With she is playing with her dolls, all the sudden she gets a little sad inside. “I miss my family. I like when my sister and I play together, it is more fun than playing alone.” (states) Emily. She continues to play with her dolls and decides she wants to color instead. She pulls out of her bag a flower coloring book and her favorite type of crayons. She opens up to her book to page 14 and displayed a bright page of a collection of about 10 different types of flowers in a pot. Emily decides to color this page because it was her favorite. About thirty minutes later, …show more content…
I am done running away!” She exclaims. She quickly climbs down her ladder and runs inside the house as quickly as she can. While she was running inside she started crying. She runs into her living room and finds her mom sitting on the couch in the room. “I am sorry! I am sorry for everything, I am sorry for running away, I am sorry for never cleaning my room or doing my chores. I am sorry for it all!” Loudly states Emily. Her Mom comments, “What are you talking about? Where were you and why are you crying?” “I was in the tree house in the backyard, and I missed you, please do not be mad at me!” Emily replies. “I am not mad at you, Emily.” states her Mom truthfully, “I wanted you to learn that some things. I wanted you to learn that in life you have to do things even if you do not want to do them, they still need to get done.” Emily and her Mom hug each other. Emily realizes in the middle of the hug that her Mom loves her so much, and her Mom only wanted to help her, not hurt her. “Thanks Mom, thanks Mom for everything that you give and do for me!” Happily shouts

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