Methadone Replacement Therapy Reflection Paper

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Name: KOH WEI YING (A148456)
Title: Reflective writing for HKL Visit
1) What you have learned from the visit.
Firstly, I learned three ways of using nicotine-containing products which include smoking, chewing and sniffing with given examples for each. Besides that, I was amazed by the severe consequences as a passive smoker (exposure of >15mins twice weekly). I was taught that it is harder to quit smoking than to quit any other substance abuse like codeine or morphine. It is also important to gather sufficient information from the client regard their smoking habits, previous attempts or experiences, their reasons and readiness to quit for better cessation plan later. With the use of the Fagerstorm Test for Nicotine Dependence, we can identify
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Methadone replacement therapy is also known as methadone management therapy (MMT) to reduce the radical from the community as this is a harm reduction therapy rather than a cure. MMT practice on a direct observation therapy (DOT) basis in which the client is required to consume the methadone in front of the pharmacist. There are cases that client might require BD dosing which the methadone is rapidly metabolized by the liver and not sufficient for whole day coverage while the second dose is usually lower as suggested by the doctor. Only those who fulfilled the criteria and been recognized as good candidate are allow for taken away methadone therapy. The methadone given during the DOT is not diluted and it is safe for the client to consume as long as they did dilute it to at least half of the cup while for the taken away medicine it is pre-diluted to the required volume of the …show more content…
For both smoking cessation and methadone replacement therapy, pharmacist need to work collaborative with other health care providers in management of the patient/client. Besides that, it is important also for the pharmacist to educate the patient on proper administration method of the NRT and use of Varenicline or the use of methadone. Besides that, pharmacist also play role in educating the client on the important of comply to their replacement therapy for risk reduction and also to enhance their knowledge on the importance of quit smoking or opioid substances abuse.
Pharmacist should also able to interpret client’s information in suggesting better tailored treatment with other health care providers. Besides that, monitoring of the client’s condition to identify or prevent any adverse drug reaction. It is equally important also to educate the patient on some precaution with medicine used such as avoidance of alcohol drinking with methadone as it may increase the sedation or euphoria. Similarly, avoidance of caffeinated drinks with smoking cessation as it may trigger the craving

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