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  • Business Relationship Gone Sour: A Case Study

    How to Restore a Business Relationship Gone Sour Initiating, developing and managing a strategic partnership can be an immensely challenging endeavor; one that most business owners are simply not prepared to engage. With all of the effort that has to be invested into building the ideal strategic alliance, it is of the utmost importance to manage it effectively. Due to the intricate details that go into selecting the right partner and nurturing the relationship, it is recommended that business owners contract a third-party specialist who has the experience to effectively initiate, develop and manage the strategic partnership. Hiring a strategic alliance manager can help ensure that the partnership remains a win-win situation for both parties. A good manager will also be able to help relieve the tension when these relationships become strained; however, even the best of relationship will be tested, and despite great effort, some will go sour. It is important to understand that just because a strategic alliance goes sour, does not mean that the partnership should be abandoned. While it can be tempting to allow personal feelings to intrude upon the business agreement, this should be avoided at all cost, because…

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  • Re Gulbenkian's Theory Of Discretionary Trust

    A discretionary trust is where the trustee is given the discretion to select, from amongst a specified class of beneficiaries, who will benefit under the trust and often to what extent . Comparably, a fiduciary mere power enables trustees to act as they choose to do so, imposing no obligation or discretion, to distribute property . In Re Gulbenkian , Lord Upjohn stated to ratify a fiduciary mere power the “is or is not” test would apply. Likewise, Lord Wilberforce in McPhail v Doulton…

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  • Wigston Football Club Case Study

    Freddie is the settlor who made his own will and appointed Chloe, as the sole trustee of his will. It is crucial to define what a trust is. “A trust is a relationship which arises when property is vested in a person/s called the trustees, which those trustees are obliged to hold for the benefit of other persons called the beneficiaries” There are two kinds of trusts. i) Fixed trust- the interest of the beneficiary is fixed and clearly identifiable. ii) Discretionary trust- the trustee has…

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  • Informative Essay: The Evolution Of Dance

    your partner quickly. Hiramine includes in her article that “...ballroom dancing master Alex Moore proclaimed that he had ‘never seen anything uglier.’” Because Moore was partial to the ballroom dancing of his generation, he was inclined to disapprove of the new variations. Richard Powers writes in “Teen Dances of the 1950’s,” that “Teens’ dancing during the 1950s was widely varied in steps and styling.” It is also important to note, the 50’s introduced Elvis Presley’s hip thrusts which were…

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  • The Importance Of Branding In B2B Marketing

    It can be done by retaining and attracting loyal customers. According to the author loyal customers are well experienced customers. The bonding between brand equity and service loyalty is the main objective of the author. It is found that there is some relationship between consumer behavior and customers willingness to pay. Habit and convenience makes the customer to return to the same service supplier. In maintaining profitable relationship trust plays an important role. In B2B marketing trust…

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  • Traditional Greek Dance

    As described above Sousta was essentially an opportunity for socializing functions for youths to find potential partner in marriage, as Hanna argued, With the movements of the hands and the head slowly developed in a discussion couple. Until the end of the compound occurs. The ongoing dance therefore is a love story that each dancer depending on the position of playing its own role. dancing enable a man in love can express his feelings to a woman. The variety in the purposes and songs Sousta is…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Oxycontin

    marketing claim as OxyContin is just as addictive as heroin and provides virtually the same effects. However, no one from their company went to prison while Purdue Pharma was only fined $635 million in 2007. Again, those penalties represent a small portion of the proceeds from their crimes as OxyContin accounted for roughly 90% of Purdue Pharma’s profits and they sold $3.1 billion of OxyContin in 2010. Predictably, Purdue Pharma received such a mild penalty seemingly due to political…

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  • Comparing Paul Farmer And John Ames In The Handmaid's Tale

    unattainable goal. Farmer realized that his vocation was not only to be a doctor and serve the people, but more specifically, to serve those that have no other means of serving themselves. Haiti is the first manifestation of this, with the creation of Zanmi Lasante and Partners in Health. While he himself may not be able to finish the task of eradicating MDR, I do not believe that that is his vocation. I think his vocation is to work towards the goal of eradicating it, while leading and teaching…

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  • Starbucks Brand Recognition Case Study

    people and be environmentally and ethically responsible. The good and comfortable ambience of Starbucks makes the brand to look unique and attract many customers. Moreover, the smooth taste of the Starbucks also can be determine as a uniqueness of Starbucks where based on the survey many respondents said that they found the Starbucks products satisfactory. Although, there are countless of coffee shops which can be a competitors for Starbucks yet the taste of the coffee will be vary. In this way…

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  • Rjr Nabisco Case Study

    1. Henry Kravis is a successful businessman and an American billionaire. He is a cofounder of firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR), a private equity firm with about $94.3 billion in asset in 2013. (Wikipedia) He was born in 1944 and his father was a successful petroleum engineer. He studied economics, moved to New York, and worked in finance field. He went back to school in 1967 and enrolled in Columbia’s MBA program. He began to join partners at Bear Steams with his cousin George Roberts in the…

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