The Importance Of Branding In B2B Marketing

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Marketer can achieve specific goals only if they develop a brand strategy, i.e. the long term planning for the development of the particular brand. In today’s generation companies are more customer oriented and goal centric. Researchers have helped companies to identify the likes and dislikes of the customer. Branding helps the firm to differentiate their product with the competitor’s product. Product and brand strategies have helped the companies to formulate their market as per the customer needs and requirements, branding plays an important role to satisfy and fulfill customer needs. With the rise in the competition, new products, new brands, companies have adapted to the advanced process to face the competition and to stand
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It can be done by retaining and attracting loyal customers. According to the author loyal customers are well experienced customers. The bonding between brand equity and service loyalty is the main objective of the author. It is found that there is some relationship between consumer behavior and customers willingness to pay. Habit and convenience makes the customer to return to the same service supplier. In maintaining profitable relationship trust plays an important role. In B2B marketing trust plays a very important role and loyalty is generally related to …show more content…
With the help of promotional strategies marketer should point out why potential customers are not buying form them, then accordingly they should develop programs to overcome these barriers. (Kalafatis, S. P.) Brand management plays a vital role in B2B marketing, both the tangible and intangible dimensions are the required components of B2B brand equity. Brands with equal strengths will equally benefit with alliance despite of their brand equity position. According to the author, co-branding strategies will help to grab equivalent benefits for the firms which are sharing equal equity positions. According to the research done by the author, the greater functional benefits will be achieved by the higher equity brand

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