Harley Davidson: The Branding Strategies Of Harley Davidson

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Branding Strategies
The brand management of the organization is the communication to the customers of the organization on how the brand is positioned in the market. The Harley Davidson needs to make certain that the brand management of the organization is done effectively to meet the challenges in future. The brand image of the organization Harley Davidson is rough, rebellious and unique. The owning of Harley Davidson bike brings in a sense of pride in the customers. The various families of Bikes such as Softail, Sportster and Touring family have different brand image in the minds of the customers. The organization uses the differentiation strategies to differentiate the bikes manufactured by Harley Davidson as robust bikes and integrate this
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The bikes of the Harley Davidson are premium priced due to strong brand image.
PLACE: The organization Harley Davidson has a strong distribution channel with distributors and dealers across the globe.
PROMOTION: The organization Harley Davidson uses direct marketing, sales promotions, e-marketing and advertisements as the promotional strategies for the organization.
ADVERTISING: Harley Davidson should make intensive advertisement of the various communication channels such as Television, print media, social media etc so that the marketing of the products of the organization can be done to reach the target customers. The organization should also focus on the marketing of the organizations products by launching new ad campaigns which can communicate the new products of the organization. The advertisements of the products of Harley Davidson on these communication channels must clearly depict the features and attributes of the bikes offered by the organization. The ad campaigns of the organization must attract the attention of the customers and must develop an interest in the products and services of the organization Harley
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It is covered by the Harley through the use of great marketing orientation and keeping the current trends and customer style and power need, having sufficient transparent communication from staff to dealers to end customers. It is important to list down the differences between management perceptions and service quality specifications with regards to the gaps in standard. Harley improves the above issue by providing an excellent commitment for service quality. Harley Davidson has used Customer relationship management for brand development, social media and advertising, so it could be said that for an organization to flourish in the market it becomes very significant to develop a proper customer relationship management system. CRM helps in recognizing its target customers and improving its relation with its customers by recognizing its customer requirement and examining distribution patterns. Harley Davidson can come up with more improved CRM system in future for increasing its sales, decreasing the cost in terms of acquiring its new customer and retaining the existing

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