The Importance Of Lifestyle Images At Thorr Motorcycle

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Register to read the introduction… Lifestyle images is the most powerful attribute as it influences consumers to buy into the image rather than the functional attributes of the motorcycle (Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., 2009) . It gives Thorr Motorcycle's a national identity and allows a subculture to be created. Lifestyle image helps evoke emotional connections between customers and their desires for the specified market.
Quality Engineering A motorcycle can not maintain a high image without quality engineering as it covers almost every aspect of the product. Quality engineering ranks high among Thorr customers. CruiserThorr's positioning is when you buy a Thorr motorcycle you are receiving an elite brand that will last decades. Maintaining Thorr's product differentiation is easily done by providing a product with quality engineering.
Services are simple, but time-tested ways of ensuring customer loyalty and keeping dealers and distributors happy (Armstrong, G., Kotler, P., 2009). If the dealers are happy, they are willing to push your product. Dealers are also the person customers see and deal with so ensuring that they receive the knowledge and training is essential in providing excellent service to
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Changing the current marketing position completely and introducing a new motorcycle geared to a younger market will help revive Thorr's sales. Deciding on its features and price can be evaluated by using additional perceptual maps and customer surveys on Thorr's target market.
Introducing a motorcycle called RRoth at an affordable price will entice younger crowds. Keeping the price around $13,000 - $15,000 has shown to be what the younger crowd can afford since they do not have disposable incomes. RRoth's positioning is to be known as the cool, young man's motorcycle that has the same quality engineering as the Daddy bike, CruiserThorr. RRoth can differentiate themselves from competitors by having the best fuel efficient motorcycle on the market.
Providing giveaway merchandise and sponsoring events like Daytona will help attract the younger crowd in noticing the new RRoth. Promoting this new motorcycle at events that younger crowds attend is essential in getting the news available to the new target market. Offering insurance and protection plans may also help as often times younger markets overlook this important aspect of motorcycle

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