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From the dawn of the 20th century, bicycles became a new mode of transportation, and Raleigh Wheels came out on top to dominate the bicycle market in Great Britain. Now Raleigh Wheels sells their steel-framed bicycles all around the world and has a huge influence on the lives of many. This company has not only survived, but thrived because of its effective execution of key marketing strategies. Raleigh Wheels is one of oldest bicycle producing companies in the world still in production today. Traditionally, it was a little bike shop on Raleigh Street in Nottingham, Great Britain. The Raleigh Wheels History timeline on their website states that their company was started in 1885 by Richard Morriss Woodhead and Paul Eugene Louis Angois, …show more content…
On their website they have an interesting tool called BikeMatch in which a consumer describes key demographic features through a friendly seven-step quiz, which ultimately matches them with an array of bicycles that fit with the information provided by the quiz. This is a great feature because it is very personalized the quiz is a light hearted, humorous way for the company to narrow down a consumer’s needs. Raleigh Wheels has a reputation for exceptional marketing. Their website allows in site representatives to engage with customers to make them feel welcome and be able to answer any question as to their products. While times have changed, Raleigh still assures its customers that they are, “making great bikes for everyday commuters, recreational cyclists, and full time ‘cyclists’ alike!” –Charlie (live customer service representative). Some key market segments Raleigh targets are: commuters, bike messengers, recreational cyclists, and extreme cyclists. Raleigh Wheels common characteristic or bases for segmentation is their bicycle, different consumers will have different needs and expectations for their bicycles. Pride(2015) provides examples of how Raleigh Wheels focuses on the specific needs and preferences of their customers as they develop, price, promote, and distribute new models. A key part of Raleigh Wheel’s effective marketing promotions are their demonstration events. Their marketers bring demonstration fleets to public places so that potential buyers can test ride the bicycles. During these demonstrations, and at other events that Raleigh Wheels sponsors, such as Cross Vegas, which is the “biggest cyclocross race in America”, they collect information by talking to their consumers and asking for feedback about particular Raleigh products. Another way Raleigh Wheels collects information is through social media. They are active on Facebook where consumers are encouraged

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