Consistency Between CBBE And Firm's Perception Of Brand Management

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Brand-building is increasingly a collaborative effort not only related to brand marketers (Keller 2013). It is believed that customers are truly in charge of the brand, any new marketing strategies should be carried out from customers’ perspective. In other words, it is whether customers will accurately response to marketing activities and refresh their brand knowledge in the expected way that matters. For the future five years MYER’s brand management, proactive recommendations are designed to maintain and enhance MYER’s customer-based brand equity over time.
5.1 Consistency between CBBE and firm’s perception of brand equity
To begin with, as it is mentioned in the inventory part, “finding wonderful” was one of the firm’s primary perception
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Immediate responds and customer information are beneficial for MYER’s brand consistency maintenance, sources of brand equity protection, and accurate marketing reposition. In terms of the source of brand equity, “MYER one” app is designed not only to attract for the technology-dependent young generation, but as an authoritative source. Additionally, “MYER HUB” is also conductive to hold the source for customers who have no patience to line up the queue or cannot endure crowded instore purchasing. Strategies above expand the depth and breadth of awareness and usage of the brand by increase the frequency and quantity of consumption. As a result, increasing exposure of nature and culture of the brand would effectively contribute to the achievement of brand revitalization and rejuvenation.
5.3.2 Suggestions to revitalize and rejuvenate the brand
If online chat and shopping comments system could be added, effective communication would enhance the efficiency of brand revitalization and rejuvenation. Besides, “MYER one” app only keeps the slogan of “treat myself”, while “wonderful” words and pictures are recommended to be inserted to boost the finding experience of explorers. As a result, strength favorability and uniqueness of brand association will be improved. Meanwhile brand equity will be directly and indirectly conveyed.
5.4 Opportunities to leverage the brand (brand

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