Living In The Age Of Purpose-Led Brand

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The society is living in the age of purpose- purpose as a collective value of increasing cultural importance in many cultures, purpose as an emerging prominent force in personal and career development, and purpose as a driver of business decisions considering to create long-term value, form resilience and connect with progressivelymindful stakeholders. As the demand for new products, services and business models that provide both purpose and profit continues to rise, brand leaders who are tapping into this shift are composed to thrive in the facade of social, economic and ecological uncertainties. Building a purpose-led brand is not small nevertheless, it takes hard work, vision, courage, the right partners and tools, as well
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These millennials tend to focus towards the socially progressive brands. White Star maize meal is a South African brand that is looking to break through the new endeavor of becoming a purpose-led brand. There are three distinct types of purpose; mainly, moral which states that making the world a better place by trying to sell the cause, imagine the ideal, and take the high road then invite people to join a association, institutional refers to discovering failure to be corrected and create positive results through rethinking internal customs, last to the types of purpose is value which entails bettering a personal life with positive emotions and experiences. Determining whether an organization is moral, institutional or value-based is very crucial (Weber Shandwick, n.d). White Star was first launched in 1999, offering fluffiness in the texture and white maize meal that is quick and easy to prepare with an excellent taste. White Star is gradually moving away from just selling their products, and moving into attracting their customers emotionally and spiritually, we can determine this by seeing how White Star involves its customers on every project and how it aims to emotionally play a part in their lives, therefore, it can be said that purpose has now become relevant in this context.How White Star can become even more purpose-driven brand using various components will be critically discussed, as well as the approach, principles and practices. Why brands should have a purpose will also be discussed

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