Personal Leadership Brand Analysis

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As young adults we are taught to develop skills and talents which with time will become our reputation. Building a leadership brand requires determination and innovation as well as an open mind. Just as brands evolve over centuries a person has to be able to be self-aware of its surrounding and how they change. In the article “Five steps to building your leadership brand”, Ulrich and Smallwood describe a leadership brand as conveying your identity and distinctiveness as a leader and communicating the value you offer (2007). In one way or another everyone has a personal leadership brand but the question is, do you have the right one? The below will review my personal leadership brand development using the five steps and assigned readings. …show more content…
From the list of words provide by Ulrich and Smallwood, the following six were selected. I wish to be known for being consistent, collaborative, focused, innovative, patient, and quality oriented. Thought I currently possess two of the above descriptions I struggle with patient as well as consistency. When dealing with emergencies I lack the patience to calmly review all my options which leads me to act in the moment and the outcome is not always the most efficient. Similarly I tend to accomplish the same task in different ways which at times can be time consuming. Working with the above words creates a guideline to which to stick …show more content…
Identifying an identity will not only provide with a deeper understanding of the results you want to achieve but it will also dictate how to conduct yourself to achieve the desired results. The most prominent combination of words which will help me achieve my leadership brand is being consistently innovative. Consistency will allow me to pin point the areas which need innovation. Moreover, consistent innovation will keep the organization on top of the always changing market. My next combination of words is patently collaborative which lets me patently work with my coworkers on different tasks without me wanting to complete everything by myself. Patience is a quality that once acquired improves the approach an individual has to all sorts of emergencies. Patience together with collaboration builds the base for innovation and trust. Last but not least being quality oriented focused increases satisfaction both from the customers and investors. Focusing in quality builds trust in the brand and among all employees.
Construct your leadership brand statement and test it Every organization has a statement which conveys what the company plans to achieve and how they plan to achieve it. When building a leadership brand statement the above three steps must come together to define an identity. My leadership brand statement is that I want to be known as being consistently

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