Reluntionary Rebranding Essay

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In this modern day, to identify the merchant item or a service, a brand is needed. Name, design, term, sign or design, or a combination of these makes a brand. Besides, the essentialness of branding is to add value to the product or service (Kotler, Armstrong, and Harris, 2013). The Coca Cola Company is a very huge company with a massive number of brands, for instance, Coca Cola, Sprite, Coca Cola Life and Fanta (Coca Cola, 2016). Based on research, Coca Cola market capital is 192.8 billion U.S dollars (Forbes, 2016). This case study critically analyzes and identify the article of Coca Cola plans to rebrand Coca Cola Zero to Coca Cola Zero Sugar (please refer to annex 1).
Rebranding strategy
The first point of that affects the marketing strategy
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In this article, Coca Cola chose a revolutionary rebranding strategy to market their product. Coca Cola is going to change the product of Coca Cola Zero to Coca Cola Zero Sugar.
The effect of using revoluntionary rebranding
On the negative side, the effect of revolutionary rebranding strategy is the new brand name may possibly bring a negative influence due to the consumers’ perception psychologically and emotionally from the original product name, e.g., the effect originated from as inferior product had launched by a company could negatively influence the current launched products due to given markets’ distrust (Ettenson and Knowles, 2006).
On the positive side, the revolutionary rebranding strategy is the new brand name shows a positive image and separate from the previous image and increases the consumer brand preference (Kaikati and Kaikati, 2003). The Coca Cola Company has to take a great action to prevent negativity to occur.
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In the following year, sugar will be levied and Coca Cola uses rebranding strategy to educate customers about the taxation imposed on sugar and health benefits introduced by this sugar-free product. The rebranding strategy is changing the company business circumstance and initiating a new element e.g., logo, slogan, rename etc. to the brand. However, Coca Cola’s rebranding strategy posed a negative image to its newly launched product, because of the customer loyalty in terms of the previously released product which could result in the mistrust to the new

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