Impact Of Change Of Image Of Coca Cola

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Nghia Do (Frank)
Ms. Wagner
English 102 - B1
21 October 2016
The Impact of Change of Images to Advertising of Coca-Cola Company Branding of company products has had very huge impact to the development and growth of any company or any other business unit. Branding as associated with a unique trademark on company products creates a symbol representing a presence of the company in the local or the international market. The motive of changing images of products by companies is to enhance quality and also to promote sales of the company products and services. Coca-Cola Company has been changing the images of their products and has had a significant impact to the growth and development of the company. The focus of the paper is to determine the reasons of the company’s changing images of products, the impact of change of image to advertising of the products and the overall impact of change of images to the company. The change of product images by Coca-Cola Company is inspired by the following reasons; it is part of marketing strategy, the company continues to spend millions in advertising and changing images will enable the company to increase its
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It has made the company to be in stable conditions over several years. Modifying branding to suite technology and product quality has enabled companies to increase its returns and also to have a higher competition in the market. For example, the duration of Coca-Cola Company to remain relevant in the market of beverages till today is as a result of product branding (Aaker 187). Also, the branding of products by Coca-Cola has enabled the organization to have larger sums of economic value. This is due to the reason that the company holds wider market as compare to the competitors. The Coca-Cola products are produced in many countries therefore increasing the number of its customers

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