Essay On Double Standard

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Exploring the sexual double standard that has been implemented within our society has left a mark. Acknowledging the fact that no matter what a number of sexual partners one may have, there is a double standard. Being a male, one would be considered a “stud” for being able to attract multiple sexual partners, while a female will be deemed a “slut”. This social phenomenon of the double standard of name calling to degrade one person with harsh words due to her actions as her male counterpart receives praise. This situation will lead on a to a debate on whether society is taking action into ending this social phenomenon. This is because according to American double standard, men are rewarded and praised for their heterosexual sexual relations while women are derogated and stigmatized for their similar behaviors (Kreager). This leads to a survey conducted by Professors Derek Kreager, and Jeremy Staff to bring to light the matter regarding the double standard and to establish if it is based on sexual partners. To begin to understand why the double standard of sexual partners is enforced, Dr. …show more content…
They split their test into three areas to understand the double standard of sexual partners. The first area covered their hypothesis of the double standard of their sexual partner count by analyzing the peer acceptance of one another if they did find out they were having sexual relations with a partner. Secondly, they tried to analyze how the gender and the enforcement of sexual standards in peer culture and media can affect the number of sexual partners. By doing this Kreager can understand if it directly correlates to the double standard and then can act upon it. Lastly, the survey conducted was to analyze if the effects of prior sexual partners differ from gender and social

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