Equilibrium constant

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  • Bovine Serum Albumin

    human blood. It binds different types of drugs for delivery to various parts of the body. One of these drugs is warfarin, a blood anticoagulant. This research project’s focus was on the interaction between BSA and warfarin derivatives; our assumption was that the protein binding site has different affinities for different warfarin derivatives; this was to be determined by comparing the equilibrium constants (Keq) and the Gibbs’ free energies of a number of warfarin derivatives. To study this, four warfarin derivatives were used, namely racemate mixtures of 2’-Fluoro warfarin (2’FW), 3’-Fluoro warfarin (3’FW), (R)-4’-Fluorowarfarin,…

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  • Chemical Equilibrium Lab Report

    Introduction Equilibrium is the concept that in a chemical reaction where both the forward and reverse reactions occur, equilibrium is reached when both reactions are occurring at the same rate, thus once a reaction is at equilibria both the forward and reverse reactions are occurring at the same rate. For a given Chemical Equilibrium at a given temperature, keq can be calculated that will be constant no matter the initial values of the reactants and products. For a reaction: the equilibrium…

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  • Adding Acetone To Test Tube Equilibrium

    Introduction: In this lab, seven test tubes containing solutions in equilibrium had different stresses added to them to examine the balance in each example. The purpose of the experiment was to indentify the details of shifting in equilibrium reactions and determine how the adding of a stress can affect a reaction. A chemical reaction that is in equilibrium is reversible, where a reactants can create products and products can go back to products. Equilibrium is reached when the rate of a…

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  • Ice Calorimetry Lab Report

    CaCO3(s) ⇄ CaO(s) + CO2(g) Adding CaCO3 to the container will do absolutely nothing to the system, as it is a solid and is not taken into account when calculating the equilibrium constant. Increasing the pressure by adding argon gas will not affect the system. First of all, argon is an inert gas, which means it will not react with anything involved in this reaction. Since it does not react, it cannot affect the equilibrium constant. Increasing the pressure by decreasing the volume of the…

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  • Ksp Of Reaction Lab Report

    Introduction Although, in general, salts are known for their solubility, not all types of salts completely dissociate in water. Some of them partially dissociates and creates a dynamic equilibrium due to the instances when their ions recombine to form the original salts. An example of this is potassium hydrogen tartrate (KHC4H4O6 or KHT). When KHT is placed in water, it partially dissolves and forms K+ and HC4H4O6- ions. This reaction is shown below: KHC_4 H_4 O_6 (s)⇄ K^+ (aq)+HC_4 H_4 O_6^-…

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  • Aqueous Reaction Research Paper

    Aqueous-Minerals Reactions: Chemical reactions involving aqueous species and mineral species are heterogeneous and slower compared to aqueous species reactions, thus modeled as rate dependent chemical reactions. This means that when mineral species (N_m ) are not is equilibrium with the aqueous species, the minerals can either dissolve or precipitate. As shown in equation R11 of an example of calcite dissolution/precipitation, a mineral species (Calcite) is involved in a reaction with only…

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  • A Beautiful Mind Movie Review: A Beautiful Mind

    contributed and empowered his beliefs because it was information that could be backed up with facts. To solve everyday life problems, Nash addresses most if not all of his issues as if it were a mathematical equation. If Nash is in a situation where he cannot logically figure out the answer, such as when he figures out his diagnosis, he tends to shut everyone out and has a minor emotional breakdown. The CMOP also states that there are three components to a person which are their cognitive…

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  • Casual Revolution Case Study

    3. Jesper Juul View-Causal Revolution Jesper is a game scholar in game studies. He is a renowned author of the books Half-Real, Casual Revolution and The Art of Failure (Jones, 2008). We will slightly discuss the book casual Revolution which explains the various evolution in the video games by focusing on both hardcore players and casual players. Hardcore players refer to individuals engage in a game for long hours to create experience while casual players refer to those who engage in a game for…

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  • How Do Enzymes Affect Photosynthesis

    Enzymes are a biological catalyst. When a chemical reaction is taking place the enzyme works to lower the activation energy of a reaction. The activation energy is, the amount of energy that is required in order for a reaction to take place. Enzymes bind to reactant molecules. The enzymes hold these molecules in a way that makes the processes of the chemical bond-breaking and bond-forming take place more readily. A reaction can be either energy-releasing or energy-absorbing. Enzymes have no…

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  • Yeast Enzyme Lab Report

    Introduction: All organisms depend on the action of enzymes to carry out the reactions of life. According to the text in Campbell Biology, enzymes are biological catalysts. These globular proteins speed the rate at which metabolic processes occur by lowering the activation energy or the energy barrier required to transform reactants to products. Each enzyme is specific, each containing active sites destined for a substrate. Substrates are the reactants or starting materials of chemical…

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