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  • Swot Analysis Of Qantas

    1.Statutory profit and total comprehensive income The Qantas report (2015) released that $3M NCI contributes to the total statutory profit for the year. It represents that around 0.5% profits are attributed to the NCI. And there is no NCI contribution during year 2014. Therefore, most of the profit are generated by Qantas and the NCI portion of the group is not material to the groups’ revenue performance. In Qantas consolidation statement of comprehensive income (2015), NCI only contributes to 0.7% of total comprehensive income by making $4M income. In addition, there is no NCI contribution during year 2014 as well. Equity in balance sheet and divide performance related to NCI Qantas has decided to increase the portion of interest held in subsidiaries or they bought new subsidiaries. Under the equity statement, dividend paid to NCI is $4M an acquisition of NCI is $1M. It shows the same situation of consolidation cash flow statement. Qantas did not pay…

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  • Re Gulbenkian's Theory Of Discretionary Trust

    A discretionary trust is where the trustee is given the discretion to select, from amongst a specified class of beneficiaries, who will benefit under the trust and often to what extent . Comparably, a fiduciary mere power enables trustees to act as they choose to do so, imposing no obligation or discretion, to distribute property . In Re Gulbenkian , Lord Upjohn stated to ratify a fiduciary mere power the “is or is not” test would apply. Likewise, Lord Wilberforce in McPhail v Doulton…

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  • Wigston Football Club Case Study

    Freddie is the settlor who made his own will and appointed Chloe, as the sole trustee of his will. It is crucial to define what a trust is. “A trust is a relationship which arises when property is vested in a person/s called the trustees, which those trustees are obliged to hold for the benefit of other persons called the beneficiaries” There are two kinds of trusts. i) Fixed trust- the interest of the beneficiary is fixed and clearly identifiable. ii) Discretionary trust- the trustee has…

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  • The Importance Of Brand Equity And Brand Awareness

    R1 BRAND EQUITY As brand image are receiving more concerns, brand equity and brand awareness are one of the most crucial factors that affects consumers’ repurchase intention. Aaker (1992) describes brand equity as ‟ a combination of assets and liabilities correlated to a brand name and its symbol, which could give beneficial or detrimental impacts on the commercial values that derives from a product or service” whereas brand awareness is explained by Keller (1993) as the extent to which…

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  • Adam's Equity Theory

    As stated by Disley (2009), individuals are concerned with maintaining equity or fairness in their situations. When dealing with equity, it is very subjected to each individual. What one person finds as easy, another person may find as hard. In the example above, when polled, one team found that group A was the hard team and the other team that group B was a hard team; individuals found group C hard throughout the team. With these type of numbers, there is not a method that will be a win for…

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  • Importance Of Brand Equity

    Brand equity is “the marketing and financial values linked with a brand’s strength in the market, including actual proprietary brand assets, brand name awareness, brand loyalty, perceived brand quality, and brand associations” (Pride & Ferrell, 2003, p. 299). Brand equity can also be defined as “A set of assets and liabilities linked to a brand, its name and symbol that adds to or subtracts from the value provided by a product or service to a firm and/or to that firm‟s customers.” – David Aaker…

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  • Equity Components Of David Aaker's Brand Equity Model

    without saying that brand equity will rise as brand loyalty increases, brand name awareness increases, perceived quality increases, brand associations become stronger and the number of brand-related proprietary assets increase. The model also provides insight into the criteria that indicate to what degree actual value is created with both consumer and company due the pursued branding policy. David Aaker’s Brand Equity Model defines the five following brand equity components. 1. Brand…

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  • Reluntionary Rebranding Essay

    the positive side, the revolutionary rebranding strategy is the new brand name shows a positive image and separate from the previous image and increases the consumer brand preference (Kaikati and Kaikati, 2003). The Coca Cola Company has to take a great action to prevent negativity to occur. Brand equity The transmission impact of the brand name has on customer reaction or marketing is defined as brand equity (Kotler, Armstrong, and Harris, 2013). Brand equity also provides the information…

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  • Chameleon Shoes Case Study

    In fact, bootstrapping is the best option because it does not put an entrepreneur in debt. This capital financing method is used in the pre start-up phase of a business such that the chameleon shoes venture is launched at low capital costs (www.business.govt.nz). Thereafter, it is purely funded from its profits as it is continually established. In this way, the business will not have to bear the burden of debt or give part the company’s ownership through equity. However, the disadvantage of this…

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  • Analyzing Consumers Purchase Decisions

    the consumers’ quality evaluation is. Next, for the customers to be satisfied it is important that there are no barriers, which is barriers to access which means that the product should be within the customers reach whenever needed, for this distribution should be strong so that the product can be purchased without excessive efforts, a successful brand always promises accessibility, secondly there should be no barriers to information, this is important for customer awareness, a customer should…

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