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  • Archetypes In Stranger Things

    roles. Propp’s Theory has: The hero, villain, helper, mentor/donor, blocker/false hero, prize/princess and the dispatcher. Jung’s theory has more roles, but the roles are similar to Propp’s. In this episode archetypes are used constantly, an example of this is Mr Clarke (the schools science teacher), who acts as a donor. A donor is someone who gives the hero vital information or equipment that will help them in their quest. When Eleven needed to make contact with the upside down and could not physically do it she remembered she could do so in “the bathtub”. But the bathtub was not big enough. Therefore the group looking for Will decided to build a sensory deprivation take in the school gym “Do you know anything about sensory deprivation tanks? Specifically how to build one”? But they did not know how to do so. So Dustin called Mr Clarke asking for instruction. After a few minutes of persuading, Mr Clarke told Dustin the…

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  • The Education System In Woody Allen's The Rejection

    Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” However, in Woody Allen’s, “The Rejection,” the writer satirizes the ideals of the education system that acknowledges only the intelligent students. This is seen in the character of Boris through his exaggerated reaction towards the failure of his son. During the time of Woody Allen, he believed that education was only for the smart and intelligent people. Woody Allen satirizes the education…

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  • Military Innovation In Israel And The Yom Kippur War

    Military Innovation Response Draft Israel and the United States have common (word) regarding how some of the country’s greatest innovation has started from the military. The tour through the US Army Heritage and Education Center relayed the ideas and concepts about how the innovation in private sectors was originally derived from military or government funded projects such as the M4 Sherman Tank and the minicomputer. However, they are not identical in the aspect that when a war arises and the…

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  • Arguments Against Fish Enrichment

    mammal’s environment lead Pounder and his colleagues to investigate if doing so would be just as beneficial to captive fish. Fish are a hugely exploited research model as millions of tons of fish are farmed across the UK. Despite the massive commercial production occurring, inadequate research has been done on improving fish welfare in stressful situations. The large growth of the aquaculture industry should be synonymous with research about how to remedy production problems and facilitate…

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  • The Importance Of Tanks In World War I

    dominated the war throughout the years were the tank. Tanks had more firepower in the form of machine guns, then the cannon, to provide supporting fire for attacking troops. Tanks were the strongest weapon in the war. Tanks first showed in the Battle of Flers-Courcelette in 1916. Armored vehicles such as tanks started to build before World War I. When the war started, all of the country’s started to improve their armored vehicles for the war. Introducing tanks in the war was the best idea to…

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  • Christmas In Jim Murphy's Book Truce

    Although I have read books and watched movies about WWI, I still had a lot to learn about this war. I knew little things about this topic, such as the war stopped before Christmas and restarted after New Year’s day. But, I always wondered why there was a truce over Christmas and was eager to learn more. I also knew that the German army was the strongest army in Europe and wanted to learn more about what made them so strong. After reading the book Truce by Jim Murphy I learned a lot more about…

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  • The Battle Of The Somme Film Analysis

    In this essay, I will be questioning whether the film ‘The Battle of the Somme’ provides a realistic picture of life in the trenches during the First World War. The Battle of the Somme, that had been fought in northern France, was one of the most violent battles that had taken place during the First World War. It had lasted five months while the British and French fought the Germans on a 15- mile front. The purpose of this battle was to hopefully alleviate the French who had been fighting at…

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  • The Three Major Inventions Of World War One

    July 28, 1914 was the start of many things, the war started, alliances were formed, and technology bloomed. Tanks, Poison Gas, and Machine Guns were ground advancements technology created around 1914-1916. The machine guns could shoot 400-600 rounds a minute, the tanks could carry a large-calibre cannon, and the poison gas would cause vomiting, irritation to the eye, and severe coughing. These tools made a big impact on the war One of the three major technology created for the war were tanks. A…

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  • World War 1 Summary

    armored vehicle rolled through no man’s land. This “tank” the British built was kept secret from their allies so no rumors of the vehicle would spread. When the German laid eyes on the slow, rickety machine they were put in awe. Now, countries raced to built the best tank, because the best tank would mean the best chance of getting through the enemy’s defenses. Tanks provided many advantages for the time, “They weighed thirty-two tons and ambled along at a little over three miles per hour. The…

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  • Essay On Ww1 Weapons And Technology

    to move forward from bad things we have committed in our lives and to reach forwards to newer and better goals. This advice shouldn’t be taken lightly for WWI. The reason for this is that WWI introduced many weapons and vehicles that would’ve taken a much greater toll to all of us if they were improved on today. WWI changed the very face of warfare from their time all the way to modern days. Vehicles were a vital turn in the war for the Allied Forces. In 1915 Britain produced over two thousand…

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