How Does Blue Affect Psychology

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Blue is psychologically at the border of suicide.

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Colors affect our psychology. Food establishments use yellow and red because of the powerful effects. Pink shows a strong affects to physical athletes, improving aggression and response time. While it also makes you score lower on tests.

The most interesting of the colors though, is the most common. You know the one. The invented one. If you are not familiar. Its from a Radiolab podcast but based on the book and study of William Ewart Gladstone. He studied color perception through Homeric language. To avoid length I will not cover it. But check it out. Its amazing.

So.. Blue. The color is Blue. It might have more meaning to why blue is almost always around
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No time to sleep but lets try and regulate and understand what is happening.

Discovered in 1958 by, J. Woodland Hastings and Beatrice M. Sweeney. But kicked off in 1998 when a new photo receptor was discovered. Today even mobile phone have options to warm the led light. Decreasing the affect on the circadian rhythm. These reactions are autonomic. Its as if you are medicating yourself through your eyes. Light: Medicine of the future is a great book on this subject. And I did an article. It appears that the more we understand our mind the less independent we seem to be. Always affected by the environment we find ourselves in. Reacting and adapting. Much more than we thought.

Some reactions to nature seem very counter productive. Like those of water. It keeps us alive but can kill us. We need to stay close to it for survival but distant enough to stay safe and alive. Water does make us have psychological effects.

Water calms us. The sound of running water, cascades, are good for us. Whether the claim of negative ions is true or not. It is true that people that live in coastal areas live longer healthier
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As in Flotation, Samandi, aka Sensory deprivation tanks. Created by John C Lilly. (A tank that assists in reaching Theta brain waves. Wavelengths that reached by Meditation practitioners. The tanks block the body's sensory input. Making you float on shallow Epson salt diluted water. In a dark, quiet, and body temp regulated controlled environment.)

We have many sports and activities people do for fun on and around water. Although we all understand how deadly the ocean can be, we are often around it. For survival or even leisure. Sports like surfing many that can be dangerous or even deadly.

Researchers believe that surfers pursue the dopamine dump they get when the ride a wave. Dopamine is also triggered by cocaine use. It is a complicated mix. Fight or flight and pleasure chemicals in a unique cocktail. Regardless of the reward for succeeding and living. There was still the drive and fearlessness to take the first step. A step that leads to amazing feats. Those very unique individuals that challenge our limits and push past the fear of death.

Could be possible that these are boundaries programed in our species.

Nature is very complex and non contradictory. Giving more value to antiquated beliefs over current newer

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