Military Innovation In Israel And The Yom Kippur War

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Military Innovation Response Draft Israel and the United States have common (word) regarding how some of the country’s greatest innovation has started from the military. The tour through the US Army Heritage and Education Center relayed the ideas and concepts about how the innovation in private sectors was originally derived from military or government funded projects such as the M4 Sherman Tank and the minicomputer. However, they are not identical in the aspect that when a war arises and the country needs more people to research and develop the Israeli innovation will come from their defense force as opposed to the United States’ innovation will be from start- up companies that are powered by the government.
Of all of the common concepts that as a class we discussed, most common is the idea that the greatest innovation stems from the military. The military’s technology then transcends to regular technology. The M4 Sherman tank served as the Allied Force 's main battle tank for the majority of World War II. The Sherman tank was very successful in the sense that it provided protection to five men while firing
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In 1973 during the Yom Kippur War the country was, “Caught flat-footed by a surprise attack,” (sun). Israel needed to make technological advancements quick to win the war so they created the Talpiot. The Talpiot is a collection of the brightest citizens that have the ability to innovate and help the military in its war efforts. At the height at the Cold War when the United States needed technology to get into space and step on the moon the Department of Defense gave one billion dollars annually. As the funding increased so did the amount workers as the number of companies in Route 128 rose to over 1,000 with over half of them being fully government funded (Saxenian ,1996).

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