The Impact Of Technological Advancements In World War I

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New technology introduced in World War I was indispensable for the Allies to surmount obstacles and win World War I. Prior to World War I, countries used ineffective and archaic weapons like knives and rifles to bear the brutal conditions of war. However, advanced weaponry (such as poison gas, machine guns, tanks) improved chances for the Allies (Britain, France, Russia, and United States) and Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary) to compete and win the war. New weaponry enabled both sides to have advantages in a crucial war. Without any technological advancements, the Allies and Central Powers would 've fought a war with several more casualties and hindrances in their paths to win World War I.

To start off, one beneficial advancement
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The Allies were able to use a new invention that caused deadly and devastating effects. The war was set on the Western Front as France, Russia, and Germany battled it out. The Allies were able to advantage of the boon presented on the Western Front. Machine guns implemented quickness, celerity, and range. Machine guns wiped out masses of people in a short amount of time and also provided wide range to fire and execute. Allies used machine guns to diminish the Central Powers ' infantry and forestalled Central Powers from advancing onto new territory. Germany created the Schleiffen plan to attack France in the west and quickly shift focus to attack Russia on the east. This significant battle strategy turned out to be a flop. Germany used its wits and intellect to craft a beneficial strategy which helped gain leverage for the first half of the war. On the contrary, the Allies were resilient and resolute and did not give up against the Central Powers. On September 5, 1914, the Allies regrouped and boldly attacked Germany just northeast of Paris. Several casualties and fatalities were suffered by both the Allies and Central Powers. The Allies shrewdly used machine guns to counter Germany 's attack and enervate the Central Powers in every way possible. Germany retreated in just four days from the First Battle of the Marne as they could not sustain the detrimental effects from the Allies. The First …show more content…
Britain and Lieutenant-Colonel Ernest Swinton created a new fighting force called the tank. The tank provided more mobility on the Western Front and caused massive horror and destruction. Anyone who was in the path of the tank got crushed and obliterated as tanks did not feature windows to view where the tank was heading towards. The tank traveled on various terrains as it trudged through pretty much on all of the rocky conditions. The tank augmented mobility which the Allies and Central Powers primarily lacked during World War I. In the Battle of the Somme, the tank wrecked havoc and launched utter chaos throughout the battle. The Allies used all of their tactics and strength to the best of their ability to win the war. Both sides suffered a gruesome number of half a million casualties just from the Battle of the Some alone. This bloody and atrocious war was the most ugly battle in World War I. The Allies were able to use the tank slightly more to their advantage as it proved to be effective and crucial during the Battle of the Somme. In the Somme Valley, Germany advanced four miles while the Britain gained a tad more with five miles. No matter how stout and severe the conditions were, the Allies were able to use this advanced weaponry to turn the tides on the Central

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