1960's Military Weapons

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The advancements of two types of vehicles and a weapon. During the 1960’s military weapons, transportation, and techniques were all upgraded.
All throughout the 1960’s the military was advancing in air transportation one of them was the P-3 Orion. The aircraft is easily recognizable by its distinctive tail stinger or "MAD Boom", used for the magnetic detection of submarines”(warrior lodge.com). “The U.S. Navy's remaining P-3C aircraft will eventually be replaced by the Boeing P-8A Poseidon”(warrior lodge.com). Even tho the P-3 has a unique look and technology it is going to be replaced by a whole new type of airplane. The Lockheed P-3 Orion is a four-engine turboprop anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft developed for the United
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“The T-10 can be considered the pinnacle "Josef Stalin" tank design as it is the tank that superseded previous forms and became the final product of the series” (militaryfactory.com). “It sported an all new main gun, redesigned body and turret and put upon itself all of the lessons learned through armed conflict in World War 2”(militaryfactor.com). The T-10 has had many advancements but the design of the T-10 has been one of the biggest change to it. “This particular version also featured a new muzzle brake, NBC protection for the crew and infra-red night vision”(militaryfactory.com). “Additionally, self-defense machine gun protection was improved allowing for an optional 12.7mm anti-aircraft DShK machine gun to be installed”(militaryfactory.com). Other advancements on the T-10 were for defensive or attacking purposes as in a new gun or protection for the people on board. Overall the T-10 has had many upgrades that helped out with later upgrades as in a new design and letting it get a better gun on …show more content…
“Norman McLeod began developing his version in 1952 into the T-48 concept and was presented to the US Army. The Army liked what is saw and accepted the design (with some modifications) into their inventory as the "M18”(militaryfactory.com).”The M18 was evolved into the M18A1 after 1954 to fulfill a Picatinny Arsenal requirement for an improved form”(militaryfactory.com). The M18 has come along way just for the U.S. to use it it combat. “Testing has began just this year on a smaller version of the M18A1. “The width will be down to 75 feet, but the safety factor for those who handle these devices is much greater” (parttimecommander.com). “This mine weighs only 2 pounds but carries the same spread of kill range in distance” (parttimecommander.com). “It is the size of an average smartphone and has areas to attach cameras or lasers” (parttimecommander.com). The new and improved form of the M18 is smaller so harder to see it and safer for the person using it. Overall the M18 has stayed pretty much the same it has only came smaller and less weight. Through the 60’s decade the military was advancing all types of things as in weapons and transportation. The P-3 Orion was most reckonable for its four engines and its mad bomb tail. The T-48 was upgraded to have infra-red night vision a new muzzle break and protect the people on board. The C-18 was redesigned to be smaller and safer for the person

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