Technology: The Impact Of Advanced Technology On The Military

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“ By the 20th century, military organizations confronted the problem of not only adapting to technological changes in peace time, but also the fact that war itself has inevitably turned up the speed of technological change”.
The first Gulf War constitutes a turning point in the history of modern conflicts essentially because of the integration of technology into all levels of military operations. War was always been a declaration of hostility between two opposing groups clashed over a battlefield in a duel with the ultimate aim to impose its will on the other. However, the advent of new technologies has completely changed these legendary and almost static clashes. New technologies have emerged in the military making maneuvering,
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The new technologies have integrated many sectors of combat system industries which needs a high level of qualification. Naomi Verdugo and Nehama E. Babin write in “The Impact of Advanced Technology on the U.S. Military”, that it is mandatory to adapt the skills of manpower to the requirements of new technologies. It will demand greater knowledge and more sophisticated skills than are presently. For instance, computer systems and networks remain advanced technology which is used now in the majority of telecommunication systems thus radically changing the profile of the users of these systems from soldiers to operators. This also will generate the need for skilled personnel in the maintenance sector because of the greater sophistication of new systems. Added to that, this metamorphosis involves real changes in training curricula without forgetting its non- negligible repercussions on the quality of …show more content…
New technology has a major effect on doctrines by regulating the deployment of forces and different tactics performed on a theater of operations. Mr. Ibrügger , member of Science and Technology Committee of NATO, explains that the adaptation of military doctrine to new technologies is essential to ensure real benefits of these advances. The extension of range combined with the lethality of new weapons has radically affected the military maneuver on the ground because now we are left with scattered units that ensure the control of a larger space. A division, for instance, engaged a front of 5 km in the beginning of 19th century but now it could take a large front of 40km or even more. Moreover, the enormous progress in the field of system information highlighted the intelligence which is one of the fundamental pillars of any military organization. This was particularly induced by the advent of the Internet and the unnamed vehicles or drones. Consequently, the changes in doctrines may improve strongly our effectiveness and enhance our capabilities to face a new kind of warfare

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