World War 1 Technology Essay

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The First World War was an extremely devastating conflict, whether it is to the millions who lost their lives or the decimated, crater-ridden landscapes the war left in its wake. The Great War was also a war of technological brilliance, because of the many new types of war technologies and ideas that were brought to light during this conflict. From new rifles to machine guns to airplanes; all of these types of technology, weapons and methods of waging war paved the way for technology and warfare today. Because of technology’s rapid development and the failure of generals adjusting their strategy to it, millions were killed using strategies that were outdated to the technology. Over 37 million people were savagely killed in this long combat …show more content…
This has become such an iconic image of a soldier due to so many soldiers having to wear them. The reason the soldiers had to wear them was because of mustard gas. Mustard gas was an extremely effective and important part in World War One and was extraordinarily deadly. In the year 1918, almost 30 percent of the war casualties were from mustard gas alone. This gas, which is also referred to as chlorine gas or poison gas, was not only deadly but extremely effective against clearing trenches for advancement. The gas was released either by thrown canisters or shot out towards the enemy, but it was most commonly used in canisters. After the war the gas became rather ineffective towards well equipped and trained troops. However it took an estimated 1.3 million deaths from mustard gas for generals to adapt strategy and scientists to adapt equipment effective against it. One of the immediate effects of this gas was the cylindrical gas mask to be invented in1915, by James B. Garner. This mask, along with effective training, would render mustard gas obsolete later on, but not until after 1.3 million people had suffered from its excruciating pain. The failure of high ranking officials and scientists to adapt to this threat caused many deaths in the war. Those unlucky enough to survive suffered from many horrible atrocities in the form of skin conditions and after

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