The Uses Of Agent Orange And The Vietnam War

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In many wars, the innovation and experiments created and conducted by science for the welfare of people were used to wreck the enemies in the war. World War I introduces assault rifles, advanced cannons and planes to the combat zone. Be that as it may, the most damaging weapon of World War I was designed in DeKalb, Illinois in 1874 to help cows agriculturists keep control of their herds. Joseph Glidden, the farmer from Illinoi invented a useable type of security fencing subsequent to seeing a case at a County fair. First it was used to fence, large areas of the American West, amid World War I spiked metal was hung by the mile in front of the opposing trenches. As Army from one armed force charged over the shell-cratered cratered hell of No …show more content…
Over 40 years prior, Agent Orange was one of 15 herbicides utilized by the U.S. military as a defoliant in the Vietnam War to secure and spare the lives of U.S. furthermore, allied soldier. It was the unique blend of two normal herbicides (2,4-D and 2,4,5-T ) that had been utilized independently as a part of the United States since the late 1940s. The government named the mixture “Agent Orange” because of the orange band or patch that was painted on containers of the material. Arthur Galston did his agricultural research. He created a compound named TIBA (2, 3, 5 Triiodicbenzioc acid), a chemical that speeds up the flowering process in soybeans increasing the yield by 30%. But there was downside to TIBA, the excessive use of it will cause the plants to die. This aspect of Galston research proved extremely interesting to another institution, the US Military. US military saw this could be extremely effective in the battlefield. And finally in 1960s, it was the perfect defoliant operation to use in Vietnam War. Galston’s peaceful research had become the weapon of War even he never intended or expected that synthetic was used to create new type of chemical warfare. These toxic in TIBA is very dangerous. One of the compound in Agent Orange was called 2, 4, 5 T which turned out to be Teratogenic, which causes development abnormalities in the fetuses. This resulted to different genetic abnormalities in new born

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