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  • Personal Statement: Junipero Serra High School

    impacting a community of students, or just simply listening more than talking. With each life experience, we grow more responsible as we are faced with new challenges as an individual, a member of a student body, a community or a nation. We, as leaders, must be willing to take on these trials and support others through their trying times. At Junipero Serra High School, I have become a leader, a caretaker and most of all a friend to anyone who needs one. I have strived to be a thoughtful leader when rowing on the crew team, helping the elderly and am dedicated to leaving my mark on Serra and our local community. Joining the crew team my freshman year…

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  • Analysis Of Junipero Serra

    Junipero Serra: A man of altruism or malice? “Remember my child; this is for your own good.” Serra would say to his children as one of his assistants flagellates them.” Those are the painful words that come to the mind of many Native Americans whenever they think of Junipero Serra, a man who was characterized by whipping himself and many Indians whenever they ran away from the missions. Although quite a controversial character, he is also remembered by the Catholic Church as an ambitious…

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  • Spanish Imperialism In California

    California Missions were a staple of religious and cultural expression. As previously, discussed the missions were established to help expand Spain’s influence in the New World. Through financial support from King Carlos III of Spain, missionaries such as Father Junipero Serra were sent to California to create missions and colonize the Native Americans. With the promise of shelter and food Native Americans were given incentives to convert to Catholicism and join the mission system in exchange…

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  • Summary: The Luck Of Roaring

    article about Father Junipero Serra, uploaded to iLearn on August 28, 2015, weigh in on the current debate of whether or not our current Pope Francis should canonize Father Serra. After reading the two article, choose a side and, in your own words, argue it based on the beliefs, practices, and goals of the California missions system under Father Serra. There is no correct side, but you must definitively choose one side or the other and solidly argue whatever position you choose. In addition to…

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  • Secularization Of The Missions Essay

    book, “California a History”, he discusses how, “Indian resistance was immediate. The very first mission Serra established was burned down within months. In 1775 there was an even more violent attack on the San Diego mission, and the resident Franciscan there was murdered.” (Starr, 41). This account shows that the Indians refused to be secularized and revolted through burning down a few of the missions. I think that this happened primarily because they were afraid to change because their…

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  • The Junipero Ruine

    If they were able to escape, they were captured and whipped upon orders of Serra himself. All of this information is documented to some extent. Even if there aren’t direct accounts of Junipero torturing innocent people, there are documents of the friars working below him. “Two or three whippings which Your Lordship may order applied to them on different days may serve, for them and for the rest, for a warning may be of spiritual benefit to all,” Serra ordered. (Lopez) Were documents like those…

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  • San Diego History Case Study

    Nolen saw the potential of the area where Presidio Hill lied and knew that it needed to have a monument dedicated to the history of Presidio hill because he saw the significance it contained. Nolen inspiration for building a monument in Presidio Park led to George Marston to hire a leading local architect to design a museum that would be the monument. Johnson experience in designing Spanish Colonial and Mission style architecture lead to him design the museum with inspiration of Mission…

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  • Confederate Monuments Dbq

    removals of Confederate monuments, tweeted that he was sad to see the “history and culture of our great country being ripped apart.”. (Doc A) Donald Trump sheds light on an important topic, the elimination of history deemed offensive, obsolete, or unaccepted. The act of “whitewashing” parts of history based on personal ties is absurd nonetheless a foolish act. A 1853 lithograph called “The Farmer” depicts the first President George Washington in a wheat field.(Doc F) Alongside him are eight…

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  • Native American Women Analysis

    exposes the cruelty experienced by the female natives of the Alta California territory, during the period of missionization. A hypocritical situation, the attempt convert the natives to Christianity resulted in countless assaults of innocent women by mission soldiers. Barbaric acts of soldiers included lassoing women off of horses and hiding them. Most native women resorted to hiding in their homes, and others planned and participated in attacks against the Spaniards. The structure of the…

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  • How Did New Spain Influence American Colonization

    Europeans in the sixteenth century when Spanish expeditions sailed up the Pacific Coast from Mexico. The missionaries gathered thousands of Indians into the missions, which raised cattle and agricultural crops on lands that Indians had recently depended on. The missions were intended to convert Indians to Catholicism and to educate them in European languages, culture, and skills so that they would become useful members of Spanish colonial society. When Spain settled in California, they began to…

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