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  • Characteristics Of A Hawaiian Indigenous Religion

    Indigenous religion was first brought to Hawaii by the first settlers from the South Pacific Islands of Polynesia. Since South Pacific Polynesians migrated to Hawaii overtime, Hawaiian Polynesian Religion is a mix of original Polynesian religion adapted with the lifestyle of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Indigenous religion centers around Gods of natural forces; Ex. Lono - The God of rain, Kanaloa - The ocean God. Hawaiian Indigenous religion aims to balance the relationship between nature and society. Prayer is highly integrated into the religion. Each prayer is offered to a specific God, depending on someone's needs, and spoken before eating, drinking, traveling, and sleeping. In Hawaii, religion is practiced in small temples, in front…

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  • Hawaiian Culture Myths

    Hawaiian Culture and Its Myths Katrina Venta HUM 115 Professor Cassidy October 9, 2016 Abstract A myth is a story passed down from one generation to another, and is generally based on traditions and the spiritual values of a culture. A myth helps us understand origins, natural phenomena, death, nature, and divinities. It is passed down from one generation to the next as a way to preserve ones culture and its survival. Every society has its own share of myths, legends, and folklore…

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  • Native American Indian Literature Summary

    native Americans, native Hawaiians, and the Maori natives of New Zealand, these case studies are incorporated in this literature review to contextualize the authorsʻ arguments. Upon collecting literature on the methods that colonizers employed to acculturate the native peoples they came into contact with, each of the authors assert that these actions were initiated by the colonizersʻ intention to improve the lifestyles of the natives. Each of the authors discuss that the colonizersʻ condemned…

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  • Colonialism And Colonization In Hawaii

    founded was because of colonialism. ` When native Hawaiians had their first encounter with Americans, obviously, colonialism was almost inescapable. Colonialism is a system of replacing a group 's way of life forcibly. Usually, enforced with advanced technology from a foreign minority, which is brought upon an indigenous majority. Colonialism invariably will cause people to change…

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  • Hawai I And Papa New Guinea Argumentative Essay

    are two of the many islands located in the Pacific Ocean, who was affected by colonization. Colonization of these islands affected these native people tremendously, which in time lead up to the loss of their cultures, traditions and religions. In my essay, I will compare and contrast the colonization of Hawai 'i and Papa New Guinea, in context of their traditions and religions. The Hawaiian Islands were isolated from foreign influences, up until the arrival of Captain James Cook, in the year…

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  • Essay On Hawaii Culture

    Their religion is polytheistic, which means they believe in many gods. Behind the beautiful scenery of islands, there is a whole culture that many people are unknown to. The culture is full of legends and myths about their gods and how the islands came to be. The islands are volcanic rock that came up from underwater volcanoes. The Big Island is the youngest of…

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  • Hawaiian Culture Essay

    For Native Hawaiians the entire universe and all things in it, including spirits, were natural. The land of the Hawaiian people had an abundant amount of natural resources to create materials and food to survive. The bones of their ancestral spirits were buried deep into the ground that generated food and possessed the spiritual energy to sustain families. Herb Kawainui Kane, an author and artist-historian with special interest in Hawai 'i and the South Pacific, states “Aumakua (Ancestral…

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  • Ethnicity And Family Therapy Analysis

    The five chapters that I read from Ethnicity and Family Therapy (McGoldrick, Giordano & Garcia-Preto, 2005) where about Native Americans, Native Hawaiian families, British West Indian families, and Haitian families (2-4 & 8-9 chapters). I was very excited about this assignment and very much enjoyed reading about these cultures. Any and all details I can learn about Native Americans I find really enjoyable. These details will help me with my current job as well. In the Native American…

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  • Hawaii Language

    Lisa provides personal and historical evidence of language being used as a weapon to instate power, while refuting that idea, she proves that many forms of communication are acceptable not matter what skill, language, or form of articulation is used. Pidgin, also known as Hawaiian Creole English (HCE), is a result of “a blending of Hawaiian, English, and Cantonese” (Kanae 24) and by the late 1920’s was the most used language of the Hawaii’s population (Hawaii.edu). The uproar of Pidgin’s use…

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  • James Cameron's Avatar

    not an isolated incident, the same process of taking over has happened on nearly every corner of the planet. From the Spaniards overtaking Mexico to the French in the north Americas and beyond, this is not a new idea. This lack of regard for culture even extends into our own backyard, when the government overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy in order to take over the islands. Hawaii, like many other pacific islands, had a rich culture, preserved in songs and dances, where things were handed down from…

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