Hawaiian mythology

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  • Hawaiian Culture Myths

    Hawaiian Culture and Its Myths Katrina Venta HUM 115 Professor Cassidy October 9, 2016 Abstract A myth is a story passed down from one generation to another, and is generally based on traditions and the spiritual values of a culture. A myth helps us understand origins, natural phenomena, death, nature, and divinities. It is passed down from one generation to the next as a way to preserve ones culture and its survival. Every society has its own share of myths, legends, and folklore that are still alive and well to this day, all because people held culture with an utmost importance. One society that tells stories of nature, life, and everything else in between is the society of Hawaii. Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean…

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  • Volcanic Eruptions

    gods and goddesses described in these tales would do things that would create an eruption, such as Pele the Hawaiian goddess of fire living in the island of Hawaii or Vulcan the Italian god of fire having his blacksmith’s workshop below the island of Vulcano. The Maori, Hawaiians, Greeks, Romans, and Native Americans used stories of their gods to explain what they did not understand.…

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  • Hawaii Language

    Lisa provides personal and historical evidence of language being used as a weapon to instate power, while refuting that idea, she proves that many forms of communication are acceptable not matter what skill, language, or form of articulation is used. Pidgin, also known as Hawaiian Creole English (HCE), is a result of “a blending of Hawaiian, English, and Cantonese” (Kanae 24) and by the late 1920’s was the most used language of the Hawaii’s population (Hawaii.edu). The uproar of Pidgin’s use…

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  • Native American Indian Literature Summary

    native Americans, native Hawaiians, and the Maori natives of New Zealand, these case studies are incorporated in this literature review to contextualize the authorsʻ arguments. Upon collecting literature on the methods that colonizers employed to acculturate the native peoples they came into contact with, each of the authors assert that these actions were initiated by the colonizersʻ intention to improve the lifestyles of the natives. Each of the authors discuss that the colonizersʻ condemned…

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  • James Cameron's Avatar

    not an isolated incident, the same process of taking over has happened on nearly every corner of the planet. From the Spaniards overtaking Mexico to the French in the north Americas and beyond, this is not a new idea. This lack of regard for culture even extends into our own backyard, when the government overthrew the Hawaiian monarchy in order to take over the islands. Hawaii, like many other pacific islands, had a rich culture, preserved in songs and dances, where things were handed down from…

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  • Kaho Olawe Research Paper

    illegally taken over by the U.S Military. It was later returned to the people of Hawaii in horrible condition. Walter Rite, chairman of the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission states, “It was the island that shared herself with us. It was the island that told me, ‘Hey I’m dying,’ so, after that one trip it was a total commitment not to allow the island to die.” (Pang Y.B.) Hawaiian people believe that their ancestors came from the land, so it is very important in Hawaiian culture to care for…

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  • Essay On Hawaii Vacation

    Hawaii If I had to pick a place to go for a vacation, I would go to Hawaii, United States, a place that is made up of lots of lava and volcanoes, is a place with a very unusual history and it is one of the most visited places in the world. Hawaii is one of the places in which I have not been to yet and I really want to go there. Hawaii is located in the pacific ocean which makes it the only State in the world that is completely surrounded by water. Hawaii is also broken up into 7 different…

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  • France And Hawaii Comparison Essay

    been to France? Would you rather go to Hawaii or go to France? Hawaii and France are very different but they are similar in many ways as well. For example Hawaii and France are different because Hawaii is a state but France is a country. They are similar because their both one of the most popular places to visit. Hawaii is made up of 8 islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, Kahoolawe, Niihau, and the Hawaiian island. Hawaii is famous for its coffee because it is the only state that grows…

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  • Stylistics In The Weary Blues

    Literary Stylistics and the Creation of Weariness in “The Weary Blues” This paper will focus to use the relative knowledge of literary stylistics, deviation and foregrounding to analyze Langston Hughes’s poem “The Weary Blues”, and use strong evidence from the poem to support the argument of Hughes’s use of literary stylistics to create and highlight the sentimental elements of weary in this poem. The weary sentimental elements are significant to the theme of this poem. Blues is the music in…

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  • Miley Case Study Answers

    Final Case Summary I learned a lot about Miley over the two months that we worked together, but I learned about the things she likes through our interest survey. One thing that Miley really likes is winter, and she drew a snowman for me on her interest survey. She also told me that her favorite subject was the park, which I believe means recess. She really likes the televisions shows Mutt n’ Stuff, Wendy, and the Lion Guard (which is a spin-off of Lion King). Her favorite book is Tap Tap Bang…

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