California Trail

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  • The California Trail

    This group was composed of immigrants from Europe, and were a variety of men and women, young and old. Unfortunately for these people, their journey would prove to be a lot more deadly. As poor immigrants, they did not have the resources that the first group had to make the expedition. Their travel, spanning from July 22nd, 1856, to November 9th, 1856, was met with a cruel winter that killed many of their travelers. Those following the California Trail were going to the Pacific coast, moving to mining towns in hopes of finding gold. The California Trail starts in many different places for different groups. James Bennet, for example, left with a group from New Harmony, Indiana in April of 1850. Another westward settler, Thomas Turnbull, left from Chicago, Illinois. Even citizens from Ohio, like William H. Woodhams, were looking for new opportunities in California. Each of these California Trail groups had their own issues, mainly being the lack of resources. Bennet recounts that it was “...utterly impossible to by feed of any kind for the cattle and they habe to subsist entirely on grass, which is very short,”. Turnbull and Woodhams recount how their animals would get sick because the land they were traveling across was potent with…

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  • George Donner Research Paper

    Ahmet Cevher Sancaktutar Arthur Easlon World History date George Donner was born in North Carolina in March 7th 1784.George Donner had three brothers and three sisters altogether He lived in Kentucky. Later he moved to Sangamon County, Illinois. In hopes of a new life, Donner wanted to move to California. In April, 1846 Donner , Tamsen (his third wife) and his five daughters, later, his brother, Jacob Donner, Elizabeth ( Jacob Donner’s wife) and their seven child also joined. James Reed was the…

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  • Anza-Borrego Research Paper

    TITLE Anza-Borrego Exploration: A Guide to Camping in the Desert LEAD PARAGRAPH When you think of camping, do you typically envision tents, grass, oak trees and bears (oh my!)? After spending the weekend camping in the vast Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, my notion of camping expanded tremendously. Let me set the stage by laying out just a few of the splendors you’re likely to encounter on the trail: sand, wild flowers, palm trees, and, if you’re lucky, big horn sheep! If you stay the night,…

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  • American Progress By John Gast

    During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, artistic interpretations of the west sparked westward movement of people. A nineteenth century painting by Albert Bierstadt named the Oregon Trail (1869) depicted the west as a serene wilderness providing hope and the promise of a fulfilling life. In contrast, the photograph Lakewood California by William Garrett (1950) and a painting by John Gast called American Progress (1872) shows a more industrialized view of the west. An article written by…

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  • California Coastal Management

    2.a. . More than any other state, California's coastal zone management program has gotten involved in aesthetics. Summarize this effort The Management success in California coastal is credited and attributable to the teamwork and dedication of the locals, state, nongovernmental organizations, federal agencies, and private interests who made studies, regulation, policy making, development, monitoring of coastal resources, planning, restoration, management, and acquisition. While the efforts and…

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  • Bikeways In The City Of Wildomar City

    Driving though the small rural town of Wildomar, California, plenty of cars and motorcycles are regularly speeding down the streets. What you will likely not observe is a person riding a bike. Not unlike many cities in the region, automobiles are the transportation of choice. Driving a car is generally more time efficient, comfortable and you can haul more people and items at one time. The negative aspects to so many people choosing automobiles as the only form of transportation for…

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  • Malibu Beach Research Paper

    Malibu Beaches and Parks The coastline of Malibu consists of around twenty-one miles of coastline and includes various attractions. Malibu’s history starts with the Spanish explorers in California. They owned plenty of land and were followed by the Americans. The first Spaniard was Juan Cabrillo, who set sail from Navidad, Mexico in June 1542 and arrived in Malibu, California on September 28th, 1542. Malibu is known for their unique beaches, parks, and restaurants. One main attraction in…

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  • Eagle Mountain Journey

    In outdoor exploration, sometimes failure can be a source of motivation. Throughout the course of our twenty-five-year friendship, we have experienced motivational challenges at both Eagle Peak and the nearby Hat Mountain, the high points of Modoc and Lassen Counties, respectively. The summit of Eagle Mountain, called Eagle Peak, is, at 9,896 feet, the undisputed high-point of thinly-populated Modoc County as well as the highest point in the South Warner Wilderness. Modoc County, located on…

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  • Field Trip: The Skull Cave

    President Calvin Coolidge. This Lava Bed is located on the border of California and Oregon. At this site you are able to see caves, take a tour around the park, go hiking on scenic trails, climb cinder cones and learn about volcanoes that are active or inactive. I think this field trip would be educational because we would be there and we would remember instead of pictures off the internet. The tour around the park will be historical because there is four special things to look at for an…

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  • The Chumash Revolt: Summary

    "military expedition led by Pablo de la Portilla negotiated the return of this group to the Santa Barbara Mission"(Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M. Senkewicz). Consequently Father Vicente Sarria, who was Prefect of the Missions, helped to bring the revolt to an end by convincing the Chumash rebels to return to the Santa Barbara Mission is a fact that had long been acknowledged Further details involving the end of the Chumash insurrection can be best illustrated by the following authors. Rose…

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