George Donner Research Paper

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Ahmet Cevher Sancaktutar
Arthur Easlon
World History date George Donner was born in North Carolina in March 7th 1784.George Donner had three brothers and three sisters altogether He lived in Kentucky. Later he moved to Sangamon County, Illinois.
In hopes of a new life, Donner wanted to move to California. In April, 1846 Donner , Tamsen (his third wife) and his five daughters, later, his brother, Jacob Donner, Elizabeth ( Jacob Donner’s wife) and their seven child also joined. James Reed was the leader of this party.
So altogether they rode covered wagon trains. Now these wagons made up of twenty vehicles and 100 people
They left Independence, Missouri, in May 1846. The party followed the Oregon Trail until they reached Fort Bridger. There,
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Now they had to go back and seek cover in a cabin at the bottom of the mountain.
Now they started to build up a camp next to (became known as) Donner Lake.Some families moved into abandoned cabins. Some built a log cabin. But, George Donner built up a basic tent for his family.
The Donner Party was almost out of food. They killed the other animals and ate them. They tried to catch fish in the river but that didn’t work. Some of the men did some hunting, but after two weeks they could only kill one bear, a coyote, an owl and a grey squirrel. They understood that if they were to stay in the camp they would be dead because they didn’t have enough food. So, on 12th November thirteen men and two women attempted to go to Sutter’s Fort. but they saw that their path was closed off by 10 foot snow drift. So they went back to camp.
On 16th December, 15 people made an attempt to go to summit. This became known as the Forlorn Hope group. Because the weather was good, they were able to cross the mountain pass. They arrived at a area called Yuba Bottoms. The next morning, Stanton could not leave the camp. The others had to go. After, Stanton

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