A Character Analysis: Supernatural

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Supernatural is a popular T.V. show on CW that currently has a total of eleven seasons. It is about two brothers named Dean and Sam Winchester who go around hunting monsters but as the seasons progress that all changes. It isn’t just about two brothers hunting monsters anymore. They have a lot going on along with hunting monsters such as stopping the apocalypse, getting Sam out of the literal Hell where he is being tortured by Lucifer, getting Sam his soul back, stopping Leviathans, Eve, and the Darkness from killing the entire human race. Being a popular T.V. show comes with many things such as fans shipping two characters together such as Dean and Castiel. Dean is a hunter while Castiel is the angel who raised him from literally Hell. He …show more content…
Especially since Supernatural proves that Dean and Castiel are in a relationship. There is proof within the episodes like quotes from Dean, Castiel, and other characters. Even the actors who play Dean and Castiel can see it.
No good relationship is without tough love. Dean and Castiel have some tough love going around when he gave Dean a beating to “prevent Dean from saying yes to becoming Michael’s vessel” (Prudom) which was shown in season five episode eighteen. Castiel says “I gave up everything for you and this is what you give me?” (Supernatural 5x18 Dean vs. Castiel 1:49-1:54) which shows how much Castiel is in love with Dean. You wouldn’t give up everything like Castiel did for Dean if you didn’t love the person. Castiel gave up heaven and became a rogue angel just for Dean. People may think that Dean and Castiel are only friends but that is not the case. Sara Steinfeld has listed that in season five episode twenty two that the moment when Castiel says “Hey assbut! to the angel Michael” (Steinfeld) is showing the friendship between Castiel and Dean. This is not how it is however because in a
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Castiel’s way is by only answering the prayer if it is Dean who is praying. This is shown in season six episode three Castiel has been ignoring Sam calls for him. Sam even tells Dean that he tried three times. Dean decides to try and says “I pray to Castiel to get his feathery ass down here” (Destiel 6x03 Supernatural 0:23-0:26) and “Come on Cas don’t be a dick” (Destiel 6x03 Supernatural 0:33- 0:36). Castiel comes down to help Dean after hearing all that. Dean insulted Castiel but Castiel still comes to help because he knows that Dean loves him and he loves Dean. Dean just has his own way of showing and talking to people he loves. Castiel will do anything for the one he loves. He was in the middle of fighting in a war, but because Dean called for him, he dropped everything and went to Dean. This causes Sam to be annoyed because he called Castiel many times but, he only came when Dean calls once. Sam asks Castiel “So what you like him better or something?” (Destiel 6x03 Supernatural 1:36-1:38) which Castiel responds with “Well Dean and I do share a more profound bond” (Destiel 6x03 Supernatural 1:41-1:43). Dean and Castiel have been through a lot together such as Castiel raising Dean from literally Hell and bringing him back to the earth. When two people have gone through a lot together as it is natural that they fall in love with each other. The profound bond is a quote that hints

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