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  • Supernatural Episode Analysis

    The CW’s cult television show Supernatural tells the story of brothers Dean and Sam Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, respectively, who hunt a variety of supernatural monsters from vampires and demons to sirens and ghosts. The show is one of the longest running shows for the network and for it’s genre; it entered its twelfth season on October 13. Supernatural has employed narrative elasticity in several episodes throughout its tenure, and these episodes tend to become the most memorable and humorous episodes of the show. Some episodes that employ narrative elasticity are simple “monster-of-the-week” episodes, such as season one’s “The Benders”. It aired later in the season, after Supernatural had established that monsters, like the cannibalistic wendigo in the second episode, are the bad guys. In this episode, however, when Dean and Sam investigate mysterious disappearances in a small town, the Winchesters discover that a family of humans is behind the disappearances, not a monster. This episode disrupts the narrative diegesis, surprising viewers with its reveal of the true villain of the episode. While this episode does not have a lasting…

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  • Misha Rhetorical Analysis

    he does hate though, is Jensen Ackles, the most arrogant prick Misha ever had the displeasure working with. It's not that he hated Jensen from the beginning, but Jensen clearly did. He avoids Misha all the time, if they have to interact he is extremely rude, not even to mention that he always looks Misha up and down like he is something better than Misha. But despite Jensen, Misha likes his job. Supernatural is a great show, his character is decent and all his other coworkers are nice. Misha…

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  • Anna Grace Lippert Character Analysis

    13 years ago Carla and Robert Lippert was given a blessing from god. Anna Grace Lippert is clever and humorous individual. She has 3 siblings, one brother and two sisters. She is currently thirteen but going to be fourteen on November 15th. She attends school at St. Anthony’s of Padua. Anna is very friendly person that has a lot of friends such as Emma, Isabelle, and Kara. If she is not with her friends she is probably dancing at her dance company, California Arts Academy. She loves to dance on…

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  • Preston Vanderslice: Why Did You Become An Actor?

    a sometimes over-inundated superhero genre. You were also three episodes on Young & the Restless. How did that experience compare to other TV you had done? Well, it was actually a web series called Young and Reckless that I was in, which is quite different from the soap opera Young & The Restless. But still a great experience nonetheless. My mother (and my bank account) wish that it had been Young & The Restless ☺ You also got to be on Supernatural. What was that experience like? I don’t…

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  • Queer Women In Pop Culture Essay

    society views both women and queerness. Moreover, characters written with overt themes of romance would be a surefire indicator of a heterosexual relationship, but when the characters are the same sex, showrunners will either tease the audience with a relationship, but then never deliver or, occasionally, will say that the audience is imagining a romance, and digging where there is no evidence. The unfortunate implications conveyed by these actions are romantic arcs don’t apply to queer…

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  • Overcoming The Darkness Book Report

    give up. And he said a phrase to me that made me shiver. " You have to punch this sadness in the face! You're far too bright to let it win." The universe speaks to you if you listen to it. The universe had been speaking to me for ages and I had turned off my ears and ignored it. This let the darkness in. The fear of being rejected and being 'alone' made me walk away from my path. The only thing I found on the fork in the road was sadness, pain and loss. When I cleared that fork and found…

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  • Personal Narrative: Supernatural

    misunderstood. {laughs} I will echo everybody else who says that it is an awesome, very warm set. The lead guys are hilarious! They're always up for a joke. I was there right around Christmas, and they were giving gifts to everyone, and the gifts were phenomenal! It felt like a Christmas party every day that I was on set. For a day player to come in and have a Christmas party--that's pretty rad. One day--well, you know how I have an Afro. I came in and everybody was wearing Afros. And this was…

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