Rule of thirds

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  • Editing In The Jazz Age

    which was very helpful to me and I feel benefited my film. Learning more about film in the Jazz Age also helped me appreciate the time more, and while it wasn’t as well known as music, dancing, or other entertainment, it was still very significant. I learned a lot through the making of my mini quality project. To begin with, I decided that I was going to make a short film based on the end of The Great Gatsby. I listed what I knew and what I didn’t know about filming and iMovie, and since I took digital video last year I had some experience but I can always learn more. I looked over some past movies and scripts that I made and wondered how I could make it better and expanded upon that by researching different filming techniques like the thirds rule, wide and narrow shots, etc.. I was also interested in the general idea of film in the jazz age, and decided to research more into that. Since filming and editing, while similar, are both very important in their own…

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  • Antonia's Line Analysis

    that no living being is exempt from cycles of life. Wide landscape shots, transitions between landscapes to display the passage of time, framing shots in a manner reminiscent of traditional Dutch paintings, and consistent utilization of the rule of thirds work to enforce the…

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  • Camera Techniques In Wizard Of Oz

    In the long shot of Munchkinland, the town is mostly in left third. The trees that we are “looking through” are in the middle third leaving the left third to show the enormous amount of grasslands between Munchkinland and the mountainous background through aerial perspective. As the camera pans, it has a bird’s eye perspective. The shot moves closer to the town, however the depth of field remains huge because of the continuous aerial perspective which is keeping the background visible as it gets…

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  • Analysis Of Squealer Speech In Animal Farm

    Squealer Speech Analysis The book Animal Farm is an allegory novel written by George Orwell on August 17th, 1945. The book depicts the events leading up to the Russian Revolution and the era of the Stalinist Soviet Union. The characters in this novel try to form a sustainable democracy/society in which animals can live a peaceful life without the threat of human beings. The main leaders who take action in this book are Napoleon and Snowball who are both pigs. Another character Squealer (who…

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  • Rule Of Thirds: Urging Visual Images

    Rule of thirds is also known as a rule of thumb. It is basically a guideline or rather a pathway which is applied in the process of composing visual images for example films, designs, paintings as well as photographs. In deed it can be applied to any subject to improve the composition as well as the balance of your images. This composition technique is very fundamental as it can be used in all types of photography in order to yield images which are better balanced and more engaging. The rule of…

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  • Explain Why Were Most Students In The Class Prepared To Follow The Expectations Of Mr Ross

    strict teaching style. A second reason they were prepared to follow Mr Ross because it was a new and creative way pulling his students into line and teaching them. Third and in my opinion the most persuasive reason is because it made everyone feel a part of the group, and all the outsiders became the insiders and they felt like they fit in. 2. What part did the creation of “rules” have in creating the expectations and enthusiasm of the class? The rules played a huge part in the experiment…

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  • My Beliefs On The Purpose Of Education

    Background of experiences: What is your current position? I currently hold the positions of Nationally Board Certified Mathematics Teacher at a high school, Math and Business Department Chair, IB CAS Coordinator and Class Sponsor. How long have you had this position? I have been a math teacher for 23 years, Math Department Chair for the last five years (Business department was added to my department this past year). This is my third year as the IB CAS Coordinator. I have been a class…

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  • Oedipus And The Joy Luck Club Essay

    In the stories, “Oedipus Rex” and “The Joy Luck Club”, the characters of the stories are placed in a society where they are guided by rules, with the people and events in these stories the characters are shaped to go against the standard and rule to shift their identity, but the characters change themselves, but the way they change can be beneficial but can also ruin everything. There are people in these large event, who we interact with and with these interaction we learn and take what we…

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  • Classroom Prevention Plan Essay

    be used to create an effective learning environment consist of constructing rules that will be followed in the classroom. These rules should be limited in number, fair to all students, and explained as well as taught to every student (Slavin, 2015, p. 279). Depending on the grade level, I would either write my own set of classroom rules, or if the students are mature enough, I would allow them to work as a group to create a set of classroom rules that will be followed during the school year. …

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  • Ron V. Fieryl

    take possession of evidentiary material to examine but require the lawyer to turn that evidence over to the proper authority, such as the police and may require additional steps, such as returning the document to its rightful owner.(comment 3.4(a)). Rule 4.4 does not explicitly address the legal duties of a lawyer when the lawyer receives documents that they know or reasonably should know have been inappropriately obtained by the sending person. Cheryl is the "sending person" in this case.…

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