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  • Meet The Press Analysis

    more accurate to viewers than the show’s guests. The show opens with dramatic music while red and blue graphics swirling the screen. Todd’s voice introduces the main topics and the show’s guests for that morning. This specific episode that aired October 02, 2016 is titled “A Question of Character.” As the music plays Todd begins “Trump’s Terrible Week. A rough debate, three AM tweets, and an obsession with a 1996 Miss Universe.” Audio of Trump remarking on the former beauty queen’s weight plays. Todd hits on the big story “A report that Trump could have avoided paying taxes for eighteen years.” A newspaper graphic appears “The New York Times -Trump’s 1995 tax records claim a $916 million dollar loss.” Todd announces he will speak to Rudy Giuliani and Robbie Mook. As the intro continues there is a lot of use of split screen showing one guest next to another casting shades of blue and red over their faces that indicate their political leanings. Other topics Todd mentions are the Vice Presidential Debate, and Saturday Night Live’s Presidential Debate skit. A short clip plays of the comedy show. Todd begins to introducing his discussion panel with the continuation of the opening music. Amy Walter “Editor of the Cook Political Report.” Mark Halperin “Managing editor of Bloomberg Politics.” Maria Teresa Kumar “President and CEO of Vote Latino.” And lastly Todd includes Rich Lowry “Editor of the National Review.” Out of the four panel guests one is a conservative, yet he makes…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Oxycontin

    and they sold $3.1 billion of OxyContin in 2010. Predictably, Purdue Pharma received such a mild penalty seemingly due to political connections. As a private defense attorney, they hired Mary Jo White who developed a notable hard-nosed reputation for prosecuting drug crimes as the former U.S. Attorney in Manhattan. In addition, Purdue Pharma hired Rudy Giuliani’s consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, to handle damage control with the DEA. Giuliani reportedly received several million dollars for…

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  • Structuralism In The Flowers By Alice Walker

    Structuralism Essay The Flowers by Alice Walker uses several structuralist concepts that can help the reader better understand the story. There are three different structuralist terms emphasized while reading the story: sign, code, and symbol. A sign, in a literary sense, is a thing that makes you think of something else without an obvious connection between the sign and object. Codes are a set of ideas, rules, letters, numbers, symbols, etc., that are used to represent another thing. A…

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  • Oxycontin Case Analysis

    gospel and the maker of OxyContin, Purdue Pharma, convinced doctors that it had “reduced addiction risk.” That was a completely false marketing claim as OxyContin is just as addictive as heroin and provides virtually the same effects. However, no one from their company went to prison while Purdue Pharma was only fined $635 million in 2007. Again, those penalties represent a small portion of the proceeds from their crimes as OxyContin accounted for roughly 90% of Purdue Pharma’s profits and they…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Giuliani Speech On 9/11

    field in Pennsylvania, another crashed into the Pentagon. The two remaining planes flew into the World Trade Center buildings in New York City. Cited as the deadliest incident for law enforcement officers, this day struck fear into the hearts of people around the world. On October 1, 20 days after the attacks, New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani addressed the United Nations during a session about terrorism and how the attack impacted not only the city of New York, but also the world. In such a…

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  • Police Shootings Essay

    - our prejudices. This argument is merely an excuse for actions that people have taken. This placing the blame on others is not only reserved for normal citizens of America - even people in positions of power try to place blame on other people and other groups rather than take it themselves. For example, Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, called the movement Black Lives Matter “inherently racist” and “anti-American,” asserting that the real risk black people (namely, children) face is…

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  • Broken Windows Policing

    included 1.8 billion dollars to hire eight thousand new officers and he hired Lee Brown as commissioner, whom favored community policing. Under Lee Brown, officers were required to regularly patrol neighborhoods, start a personal rapport with the residents, and help solve problems other than 911 calls. Mayor Dinkins successor was Rudy Giuliani, whom help strong convictions towards the crack down on petty crime. During his time in office, Mayor Giuliani employed 3,660 new officers and hired the…

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  • New York City Analysis

    When he built a high school in Corona, 5 businesses and 69 homes were destroyed. It forced 400 people to leave their homes. This led to the destruction of strong Italian roots and in the end the school was not even built from a lack of funding. This caused the area to become run down and the abandoned homes became a center for crime. Like LBJ, he had good intentions like promoting racial integration but his policies ended up causing more problems than they fixed. 6. Prepare an analytically…

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  • Matt Taibbi's The Divide

    In The Divide, Matt Taibbi conveys to the reader the different, and often overlooked, side of policing. Taibbi argues that large cities started arresting anyone who looked suspicious or may have committed a crime. Even though violent crimes and felonies had decrease, New York's mayor Rudy Giuliani created a policing system where anyone could be stopped without probable cause. Taibbi states that police began to "fan out into neighborhoods like commercial fisherman, throwing nets over whole…

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  • Broken Windows Method

    In the 1990s then mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani pushed the broken windows theory of crime control and made changes to the police departments accordingly. However, David Dinkin, who was mayor before Giuliani, was truly the one who began this method of policing. He hired 8,000 new officers and a new police commissioner. (Business Insider) While it is true that New York’s crime rates have dropped in the past few decades, the reasons behind this are unclear. Broken windows methods also raise…

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