Bracewell & Giuliani

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Oxycontin

    $3.1 billion of OxyContin in 2010. Predictably, Purdue Pharma received such a mild penalty seemingly due to political connections. As a private defense attorney, they hired Mary Jo White who developed a notable hard-nosed reputation for prosecuting drug crimes as the former U.S. Attorney in Manhattan. In addition, Purdue Pharma hired Rudy Giuliani’s consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, to handle damage control with the DEA. Giuliani reportedly received several million dollars for that contract. “In my opinion they hired Rudy to give them a good image, and to get around me,” said Laura Nagel, formerly the DEA’s chief investigator. “Rudy got them access to higher levels of government.” Rudy Giuliani was an ironic choice as he gained fame decades before becoming “America’s Mayor” by prosecuting the mafia for heroin trafficking in the “Pizza Connection” cases as the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan. He further developed a zero tolerance, anti-drug warrior reputation as mayor, so much so, he even opposed methadone treatments calling it “an Orwellian drug swap.” It would be unfair and inaccurate to single out Rudy Giuliani as the only opportunistic political hypocrite in the drug war. Many politicians have demonstrated no compassion with this issue because they were never arrested for their past drug use. For instance, it seems quite unlikely that Barack Obama would have become the first black President of the United States if he had been arrested for cocaine and marijuana, both of…

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  • Meet The Press Analysis

    accurate to viewers than the show’s guests. The show opens with dramatic music while red and blue graphics swirling the screen. Todd’s voice introduces the main topics and the show’s guests for that morning. This specific episode that aired October 02, 2016 is titled “A Question of Character.” As the music plays Todd begins “Trump’s Terrible Week. A rough debate, three AM tweets, and an obsession with a 1996 Miss Universe.” Audio of Trump remarking on the former beauty queen’s weight plays.…

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