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  • Narrative Essay About Football

    Club football season is into its 10th week and fans are already on each other. Apart from the rivalries and derbies, the fantasy football is super exciting but football fans believe the fan base is 99% men but thank your stars am here to knock something into your head – ‘FOOTBALL IS FOR EVERYONE’. I am an Arsenal fan and I’ve been waiting for this season with the hopes that Arsenal would win the league title for first time since the invincible. I spend most of my time watching Match day live, Fan zone, football today and of course football games. However, over the years I have compiled five shits thrown at me every season from male football fans because they feel intimidated by my knowledge of football and they presume I am ‘faking’ it…

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  • The Misunderstanding Of Rugby Injury

    Rugby is regarded around the world as a high intensity, physical, and challenging sport. In the United States, it is regarded as a barbaric, un-regulated, and foolish sport. This misconception comes from the widely inaccurate notion that concussion among other injuries is inevitable in the sport. Rugby is beginning to take hold in high schools across the countries, and young adult athletes are the first generation to bring this internationally recognized sport to America. The idea of rugby being…

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  • Rhetorical Devices In Greater Love By Wilfred Owen

    • Greater Love is a poem written by Wilfred Owen where he mock romantic love for falling short in front of the brotherly-friendship bonds created during young men in war. • Wilfred Owen was an officer in World War I, however was sent to a hospital because he suffered from "shellshock". Here, he met poet Siegfried Sassoon, who played a part in influencing him to write poetry about war and the suffering of soldiers. He later returned to the war, where he was killed. Opening Statement and Title •…

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  • Masculinity In Murderball

    Rubin and Shapiro’s inspiring documentary, Murderball, associates with the notion of “masculinity” as expressed in Cynthia Barounis’ “Crippling Heterosexuality” by zeroing in on the combative habits of a quad rugby player, the essence of the sport, and the relationships of the players with their significant others. Murderball illustrates the game previously known as “Murderball,” now referred to as wheel chair rugby, and the experiences of Team U.S.A. and Team Canada to the 2004 Paralympics. It…

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  • Personal Narrative Analysis: Rugby, My Strength

    Written component My chosen sport for my analysis is Rugby, my strength is based in the front row, but particularly when I play as loosehead prop. However, I have been in a number of positions since I have been playing for a number of years in school rugby such as the colts A but also at my club. In the modern day for scrummaging you need explosive strength which means to put maximal power in your muscles against the opposing weight e.g. The opposite team and static strength which is key as the…

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  • Desperate Crossings By Paolo Pellegrin: The Current Refugee Crisis

    The Current Refugee Crisis The amount of people the have immigrated or are attempting immigrate to Europe or many other countries in the world has increased drastically over the course of years. In the New York Times article, “Desperate Crossings” is a story about people from Eritrea, Africa who are trying to flee their home country and go to Italy, Greece. The authors Paolo Pellegrin, who did most of the photography, and Scott Anderson, who did the articles text, travelled with Bourbon…

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  • Why Are Athletes Overpaid

    Are Athletes Overpaid? Lots of people say that athletes are overpaid, but is that really true? In reality, athletes earn what they deserve because they bring billions of dollars to their respective league, work hard in matters not involving their sport, find a way to manage all their money that they receive in a short time, and they work hard away from games to become better. First of all, athletes are not overpaid because of all the revenue they bring to the different leagues. The SIRS…

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  • The Importance Of Money In College Sports

    it ever was across the united states and the world. And it has been attracting major money like billions of dollars for the league and the schools itself, from things like advertisements, charging for admissions, television stations like cbs , espn, nbc etc. so that being the case every one from the coaches to the staff to the league associates , to the referees get a very good amount of salary. With most of the money coming in from the players you would expect the players to be getting a good…

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  • My Hero's Journey

    I have travelled near and far, and to places in between but the best journey of all is the one that I took with HH. What a bold character he was, a beautiful musician. My journey began shortly after his but mine lasted much longer. In fact, I am still travelling. Oh how magical it all has been and how empowered I feel now. HH and I belonged to the same organization, well known as The League. I am still a part of it, HH is not due to his struggles with confidentiality and integrity. But enough of…

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  • Rainbow Nation Argumentative Essay

    discordant ideas and beliefs, Mandela taught that even through these differing views they could be united. Even though Mandela recognized that the people of South Africa had many differing views, he realized that the country shared a common passion for sports. He used this similarity to bridge a racial gap not only in politics, but also in the world of popular culture and sports.South Africa is widely known for soccer, cricket, and especially rugby. In 1995, just a year after South Africa held…

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