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  • Descriptive Essay: Peyton Stood In A Zoo

    Peyton stood in the elevator. They were all stuffed. Crowed with security guards, full with suited administrators clutching clipboards, carrying manila folders and cold expressions. The university president’s secretary stood at the front of everyone, her tight brown curls like a helmet ready for war. One of the security guards, Frank, took Peyton’s computer from her hands as they entered and placed it in a brown box. The saccharine scent of cheap perfume permeated the enclosed metal box and…

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  • Creative Writing: Starry Night

    High above me, the last of the morning stars are winking out sadly. They flash their last bling-silver grains of sand in the dawn sky. I sigh as their bejewelled brilliance fade into nothingness. The afternoon sky has already painted Van Gough’s Starry Night, as orbs of light swirl in the lavender and blue canvas. A ghostly, winter moon hangs there, imitating a pale strobe light. A corona of shimmering yellow rings it 's dying glory. The sky around it is a wide sheet of grate-grey, hemmed in the…

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