A Separate Peace

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  • A Separate Peace

    A Separate Peace by John Knowles, is a non-fiction novel about kids in New England during world war II. The book focusses on showcasing these kids’ childhood and the experiences they encounter together. The setting of the novel helps reveal the character of Finny, by showing him beat the school’s swimming record, by showing him and Gene jump off the tree limb, and even the war has an effect on Finny’s character. When Knowles tells the reader about how Finny beat the school’s swimming record without even trying it helps the reader understand how athletic he is. In chapter three, when Finny and his friends are by the pool and Gene says something to Finny to motivate him it also shows how close Finny and Gene are as friends. “ You always win at…

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  • A Separate Peace Theme

    According to HG Wells, “If we don't end war, war will end us” (Things to Come). In A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, the main character Gene struggles with the wars around him. Gene struggles at Devon, an all boys preparatory school during the World War II era. At Devon, Gene faces the struggle of finding peace and many conflicts throughout the story along with the other boys, Brinker Hadley a natural born leader, Phineas his sporty best friend, and Quackenbush a dislikeable crew team captain. …

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  • A Separate Peace Reflection

    Humans innately need each other. There is an almost infinite amount of reasons to rely on someone else: to love, to hate, to love to hate, to get something, to boost our own egos, and pretty much any combination of these. Personally, I’ve been known to use people for utilitarian purposes, but like anyone else, I have had a number of close friends. And these friends, my accomplices, have adopted my mannerisms as I have adopted theirs. These people have formed my current self and continue to mold…

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  • A Separate Peace Identity Analysis

    “Perhaps it’s impossible to wear an identity without becoming what you pretend to be.” * A Separate Peace, written by John Knowles, features two boys (Finny and Gene) who attend a prep school during World War II. In the novel, Gene provides a perfect example of a teenager’s search for identity. In the beginning of the book, Gene begins admiring Finny. “He got away with everything because of the extraordinary kind of person he was.” (Knowles, 21) However, that admiration turned into envy, but…

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  • Theme Of Friendship In A Separate Peace

    The Friendship Of Change In the coming of age novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles, a struggling friendship of a change of heart between characters Gene and Finny takes place. In the beginning of the novel, Gene’s envious mindset and lack of communication with Finny, results in a one sided friendship where Gene does not share the same feelings of their companionship as Finny. By the end, Gene grows up to recognize that his childish ways were wrong, and how blinded he really is from reality.…

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  • A Separate Peace Short Summary

    Title and Author: A Separate Peace, by John Knowles Setting and Historical Context: 1942-1943, World War II; Devon School, New Hampshire, Vermont (Leper’s home) Major Characters and Descriptions (external, internal, motivation) [3-5 characters]: Gene Forrester: narrator, protagonist of the novel, thoughtful, intelligent, competitive, has a love-hate relationship with his best friend Phineas (“Finny”), adores and envies Finny, insecure, uncomfortable with his own self Phineas (“Finny”):…

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  • A Separate Peace Book Report

    This piece of artwork is based upon the book, A Separate Peace by John Knowles. A Separate Peace is a story of two best friends, Gene and Finny. The two friends differ in the way that Gene excels at academics, while Finny thrives in athletics. Although it seems that the contrasting fields of excellence would allow their to be harmony between the boys, Gene becomes envious of Finny and grows to resent him due to his athletic capabilities. Finny is oblivious to Gene’s hatred and still thinks of…

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  • A Separate Peace: A Brief Summary

    A Separate Peace The novel A Separate Peace was written by John Knowles. A Separate Peace tells the story of a young man Gene Forrester who attends a boarding school (Devon) during World War II. At the start of the novel Gene is visiting the school as an adult, and then flashes back to Gene when he was a teenager. At the start of the flashback, Gene’s closest friend at Devon, Finny, is daring Gene to jump off of a tree, into one of the of the rivers on the school grounds. Gene does jump off of…

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  • War Symbolism In A Separate Peace

    World War II as a Symbol in A Separate Peace In A Separate Peace, John Knowles uses World War II to symbolize denial of conflict and feelings, the reality of impending adulthood, and internal conflict in the minds of Gene and Finny. The war and the question of whether or not to enlist are omnipresent worries in the minds of the boys at the Devon School in New Hampshire. Although World War II is a major conflict in the novel, the various forms of strife it symbolizes are much more significant in…

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  • A Separate Peace, By John Knowles

    Setting up at a boys’ boarding school during the World War II, “A Separate Peace”, written by John Knowles, is a luminous and sad story about friendships between the boys in Devon School. The title of the novel signifies about a peaceful place that is separated, protected outside from the destructive, evil war, which is realistically Devon. Although Devon is isolated from the war, there is still a personal war of misunderstanding, jealousy, fear and childishness among the boys in here, which…

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