Drugstore Cowboy Analysis

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2. Drugstore Cowboy I mention in one of my pages that I appreciate truth in film. This film is a shining example of that. This film explores the lives of people addicted to serious drugs. It opens with the ending of the story. Bob is seen in the back of an ambulance, then we go to the rest of the story through flashback, showing us how he got to this point. Bob and his wife Diane like to do drugs such as morphine and cocaine. To keep their drugs coming in they end up stealing prescription bottles from pharmacies just searching for the next high. One cop starts to take notice so they get up and move to another town. Not much later one of their crew dies of an overdose and they have to move the body from a hotel to their car, almost getting …show more content…
I found this rollercoaster of emotions to work well and I really enjoyed this film.
5. He Got Game I was pleasantly surprised when I found the film “He Got Game.” When looking for a Spike Lee movie I made sure to check to see if he had any films about basketball since he is such an outspoken Knicks fan. Lee sits courtside to almost all of their home games. After some digging I not only found a game about basketball, but is starred by one of my favorite basketball players, Ray Allen. This movie focuses on the father, son relationship between Jake and Jesus Shuttlesworth. Jake, the father, is in jail but can be released if Jake is able to convince his son to attend college at the state governor’s alma mater. He has one week to convince his son to go to Big State and his sentence will be drastically reduced.
There are two scenes that spoke to me. The first was when they show Jake playing basketball with his son when they were younger. Jake played physically and did not go easy on Jesus. The second was when Jesus and Jake were playing basketball against each other when they are older. You can feel the tension and emotion between the characters, since Jesus does not, nor does he want to, feel close to his

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