Sipping Something Through The Void Poem Analysis

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Warren uses a mixture of tone and tension to emphasize the content and to help develop the theme. The author creates a tone of sadness throughout the poem. One example can be seen when Warren writes, “she sat In front of the drugstore, sipping something Through a straw. There is nothing like Beauty. It stops your heart. It Thickens your blood. It stops your breath.” Here the ‘boy’ seems to be truly in love with the girl and also has the desire to speak to her but can’t seem to go to her. The anxiety he experiences is so fierce that he has to watch her from a distance in a ‘big black Buick’. Another example of tone is evident when Warren writes, ““But I know she is beautiful forever, and lives In a beautiful house, far away. She called my name once.I didn't even know she knew it.” Several years later the boy is invited to the girl’s wedding. The boy seems to have grown older and matured. Rather than obsessing over the girl he realizes his feelings and controls them rather than raving over her constantly. He knows …show more content…
The poet uses figurative language to distinguish the love that the boy has for the girl from childhood to adult life. This figurative language is seen when Warren writes, “In silence the heart raves.It utters words Meaningless, that never had A meaning.” In the beginning, a extended metaphor is used by the man to describe his love for the girl explaining that love makes a person express and sputter meaningless words that never meant anything to begin with. Warren also uses another type of figurative language when he writes, “Makes you feel dirty. You need a hot bath.” The poem uses this hyperbole to relate to how love will make a person feel emotionally. It doesn’t literally mean that the person is dirty but means that the person is so beautiful and pure that it makes the other person feel dirty, as if their not even comparable to the other

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