Blank Space Poem Analysis

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“Blank Space” written by singer/songwriter Taylor Swift was a huge success in 2014. The song brought already famous Taylor Swift more praise as it topped the charts and helped her become the first woman to top herself at the number one spot on the “Hot 100” (Trust). The song is written with a depth of heartbreak, attitude, mischief, and hope. Although sultry, and alluring at first listen, the song is about a woman who has been hurt many times in the past and is seeking someone to fill the void in her life. Lyrics such as “got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane” and “boys only want love if it’s torture” set the mood for an ominous date with her soon to be rebound guy. Aside from the dark verses, the song maintains a moderately high tempo with its pop styled beats. Keeping the listener engaged with the song isn’t difficult due to its melody and catchy chorus. …show more content…
The lyrics joined with the alternative style of instrumentation makes for an odd combination. The message originally takes a lofty feel, suggesting that love could be a game of sorts. The artists’ incorporation of “Stand By Me” evolves the sentiment of the message. The playful tone of the song continues, but gives the message a more sarcastic impression. The facetious happiness of the message gives promise to the heartache the singer is truly feeling. Whether choosing the Imagine Dragon, I Prevail, or Taylor Swift version of “Blank Space,” the lyrics are designed to make you fall for the singer. Through the different interpretations the artists have done, the tone of the message changes. Between Imagine Dragon’s finger-snapping rhythm, I Prevail’s punk rock, screamo dynamic and Taylor Swift’s original ominous pop tune, there are many renditions that have been and are left to be done. In the end state though, the song is still about heartbreak, attitude, mischief, and

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