Come A Little Bit Closer Analysis

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Songs are poems set to music. They come in all different varieties, genres and styles but often the message conveyed is similar. In modern music the message or theme usually relates to love or substance abuse. A few decades ago, the messages were comparable, and even though society was quite different then, the themes in music were relatively the same. Two such examples are “Come a Little Bit Closer” by Jay and the Americans and “A Woman Needs Love” by Ray Parker Jr. Both of these songs share a common idea of women cheating. A genre that I do not care for is soul music and the song that falls in this genre is “A Woman Needs Love”. This song was released in 1981. Soul music borrows heavily from rhythm and blues and jazz. This type of sound does not appeal to me. I prefer music that is fast paced and has catchy lyrics. This song meets none of these desired requirements. As mentioned previously, love is a common notion in 1980’s soul music. This song tells the story of a woman who cheats on her boyfriend and gets caught. The male paramour in the song woos the woman into cheating on her man. For example, in the lyrics Ray Parker Jr says, “Give her the love, mmm, yeah / that sweet, sweet love, she wants it just like you / cause …show more content…
It was released in 1964. This type of music appeals to me. It has a fast paced tune and catchy lyrics. This song tells the story of Jose and his lady. Poor Jose gets cheated on by his girlfriend with a man she just me. While Jose was gone, the woman in the song was lonely and goes to a cafe. She meets the man in the song and says, “Come a little but closer, you're my kind of man / so big and so strong / come a little bit closer, I’m all alone / and the night is so long”. She doesn't seem to think about how Jose would feel about her loneliness being acted upon. She only thinks of her immediate gratification much like the female in the “A Woman Needs

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