Rhetorical Analysis I M Not The Only One

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Sam Smith’s song “I’m Not The Only One” has many rhetorical devices that depicts many problems and ideas. Problems and ideas that many people portray for a long long time and even today. But before we talk about all the rhetorical ideas we need to analyze the artist and the music video a bit. This song was released on August 1st, 2014. The video shows a husband that’s not loyal to his wife and the wife is completely devastated. It shows that marriage can be corrupt and that cheating will cause a lot of person to your “significant other.” This song really is for anyone that has experienced or is going through a marriage or even just a relationship finding out that their significant other is cheating. Sam Smith must’ve gone through something very similar to depict this picture into this song. The pathos in this song is very strong. Throughout the video it’s an emotional rollercoaster. People that can relate things like emotional harm, will immediately experience pathos. When the music video starts, it shows a very stereotypical american family, that we all think of. A wife that cooks the husband breakfast and the husband getting ready for work. What really catches my attention is that there’s a low of white colors. The wife is wearing a white dress and the large fence/gate when he’s leaving to go to work. I think it symbolizes again that typical …show more content…
And there’s a big impact on that socioeconomic status where there’s this role of husband and wife. It’s a real-life problem in today’s society. The husband is going out being unloyal and the wife knows that but because of society, the wife is supposed to forgive the husband for his indecent acts even if it hurts her. I think the artists want to show that this is a recurring problem in today’s society and he has done it quite well with the lyrics and the video showing pathos, ethos, and

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