Analysis Of The Poem 'They Flee From Me' By Sir Thomas Wyatt

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'They Flee From Me" by Sir Thomas Wyatt is a rhyme royal type poem which portrays vivid and evocative imagery by employing certain monosyllabic words which provide the bitter tone present throughout the poem. Wyatt recounts his youth and his meetings with certain women who now do not "seek" him any longer. The poet appears greatly disturbed by one specific woman whose betrayal affected him to the extent of addressing this poem to her. Wyatt's portrayal of women is quite significant in this piece as we not only see an unconventional side of a woman, we are also shown the power of women to evoke certain feelings within a man and make him feel either dominant or helpless according to their own will. Throughout the poet maintains a great sense …show more content…
Readers notice that it is the woman who ‘stalks’ in his chambers rather than the man possessing this predator like quality. In stanza two the poet recalls his experience with a specific woman; we see the constant use of caesuras in this stanza which adds to the excitement of the poet as he breaks off each line as if he is overwhelmed by this memory. The poet appears to be enchanted by this woman as he recalls ‘And she me caught in her arms long and small’ and kissed him, then asks ‘Dear heart, how you like this?’Both these actions brings attention to the control emitted by this woman, she ‘caught’ him in her arms. The word ‘caught’ again implies a predatory quality and this added to the ‘stalking’ quality in stanza one adds to the dominance present in the woman. It appears ironic that she is in control and possesses animal like qualities, when during that time the typical notion was the man hunting the woman. This deviation leads to emphasis on the role reversal present and its effects on the poet. She addresses him as ‘heart’ and inquires how he likes ‘thus’. This question within the poem further highlights the power she holds, she appears to be pleasing him rather than he pleasing her. This shows to us the poet is indeed overwhelmed in this memory as simply only recalls the actions of the woman and its effects on him, rather than what he

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