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  • Asthma Case

    The mother was unsure of what daily medications he takes at home, and says he lost his rescue inhaler, which he normally takes multiple times a day. On Thursday, February 25th the patient 's breathing had normalized and he was no longer having retractions. His breath sounds were clear but diminished in his lower left lung. the patients HFNC was weaned to 10 liters per minute with an FiO2 of 30% and his SpO2 after the wean was 94%. He appeared to be resting comfortably and his vitals were: temperature 98.8 degrees Fahrenheit, 110/44 blood pressure, 115 heart rate, 23 respiratory rate, and SpO2 of 94% on HFNC. No new labs were taken this day. On Friday, February 26th I first saw this patient. As I entered to give him his 7am albuterol nebulizer treatment he was sleeping comfortable with no signs of accessory muscle use. His respiratory rate pre treatment was 25bpm, and his lungs were clear, but slightly diminished in the lower left lung. His HFNC was now weaned to 10 lpm with a 21% FiO2, SpO2 was 95%. His vitals were within normal limits with a temperature of 98, HR 100, RR 16 and BP of 114/46. Lab results showed: increase creatine 0.82 (normal 0.39-0.73) due to methylprednisolone and beta 2 antagonist medication and increased glucose of 214 (normal 70-99) due to stress. When I met with him for his second albuterol treatment he had been weaned to room air, with sats 96% and clear breath sounds bilaterally. He stated that he felt fine and was not having any difficulty…

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  • Personal Experience: Living With Asthma

    “I don’t want you to know anything about my illness. I don’t talk openly about it.” These were the first words I heard – from one of the closest people in my life – as he began to discuss his experience living with asthma. He prefers to conceal his illness as much as possible. He views himself as having a weakness and wants to hide it, and it was clear throughout the entire interview. We are extremely close, but I have rarely seen him use his asthma inhaler in the six years we have known each…

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  • Albuterol Research Paper

    Nebulizer: the amount of drug is 2.5mg for every 6-8hrs as required. For chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Metered inhaler: 2 puffs for every 6hrs based on requirement. Capsules to be inhaled: 200mcg of drug can inhale at every 4-6hrs, it may increase to 400mcg can be inhaled for every 4-6hrs based on requirement. Nebulizer: the amount of drug is 2.5mg for every 6-8hrs as required For bronchospasm and prophylaxis: Metered inhaler: two puffs of drug should be inhaled before exercise.…

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  • Anti Infective Agent Essay

    II and Aerotech II nebulizers have been verified as effective delivery devices. It is important that the nebulizer has one-way valves to protect the delivery device and a filter to protect the therapist. It is also a good idea to have the patient in a negative pressure room. According to the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (2009) published by the CDC the recommended treatment for PCP is TMP-SMX (trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole) taken orally in the form of a tablet. The report suggests…

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  • James Petrovsky Case Study

    His supervision was changed to medical one to one to keep the oxygen saturations above 90% with 3L oxygen. The DNR status from hospital was transferred to Kiley on 3/18/17 and remained on DNR at Kiley too. At Kiley Center, he was continued Duo Nebulizer treatments four times per day, oxygen 3L by nasal cannula all the time for chronic respiratory failure and maintained on medical one to one supervision. He was unable to walk or stand due to respiratory distress and was getting short of breath…

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  • Microbiology Case Studies

    patient has poor food intake as well as low hemoglobin and hematocrit. It is needed by the body to produce red blood cells. vi. Lansoprazole 6 mg, Route: PO, once daily (QD)  It was prescribed to the patient to prevent gastroesophageal reflux, stomach pain and treat conditions that cause excess stomach acid. vii. Methadone 0.3 mg, Route: PO, every six hours (Q6H)  It was prescribed to the patient to treat moderate to severe pain and reduces the withdrawal symptoms of Ativan as the patient was…

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  • Albuterol Essay

    They are one of the leaders in pulmonary drug delivery systems. Their devices, the Aerogen Solo and the Aerogen Ultra, are currently being used in hospitals around the world. These devices can be used with nebulizer devices commonly found at various healthcare settings. Based on clinical studies, patients who utilized nebulization treatment with Aerogen products received on average 9-times more drug delivery into the lungs than conventional device types like jet and ultrasonic nebulizers.7 What…

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  • Duty At Night Watch Research Paper

    it wasn 't until 2000 that precision GPS navigation became open to the public. Since then, ambulances’ technology has continued to grow along with everything else in society. Today, ambulances are packed with the latest and greatest inventions that give people the greatest chance at survival as possible. There are 3 major technological advances that have completely transformed the ambulance and given EMT’s the ability to save lives more efficiently. The first piece of technology that is…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Asthma

    A challenge I faced when I was younger was Asthma. When I was a toddler I went to the doctors many times to get steroid shots because I would have trouble breathing and be on the verge of having an asthma attack. When I started going to school, every day before going I sat on the couch and was attached to a nebulizer. If I didn’t use the nebulizer I wouldn’t be able to breathe throughout the day. Athma is a monster that sucks the breath out of people killing them. Both this and the description…

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  • Nursing Case Studies Asthma

    Case Study Mrs. A is a thirty year old female who was brought to the emergency room because she has been complaining of pain and a headache for two days. She is mildly obese, was once a smoker but quit four years ago when she had her baby. While being assessed by the nurse, Mrs.A starts to have an asthma attack. She becomes dyspneic and presents with a harsh cough. She becomes tachycardic and has high blood pressure. She is put on a nebulizer, medications, IV fluids, and oxygen. She remains in…

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