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  • Offshoring Vs. Outsourcing In The Workplace

    For one to begin a proper analysis on outsourcing, an appropriate definition must be established. defines outsourcing as “(… a company or organization) to purchase (goods) or subcontract (services) from an outside supplier or source”. In other words, outsourcing allows different aspects of a business to be handled by those outside of the business, often through a contractor, who is a person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job. (“outsource,” n.d.). Contractors are different than employees, dependent upon whether or not a worker is considered to be an employee or contractor can present serious legal dispute for some companies. There are many reasons why a country may choose to outsource its labor. According to Hughes, some of these reasons include “improving company focus… gaining access to world class capabilities, [and] free[ing] internal resources for other purposes.” Letting other companies handle the aspects of your business that are not the prime focus of the company allows the company to use all of its resources on what is important. This also allows internal resources to be used for what it was designed to do rather than handle tasks that they are unfamiliar with. By not limiting the company to its own talent and skills, you can hire the skills of virtually anyone, including the people who are the best at what they do. (Hughes, 2016). The act of outsourcing labor can be a fairly simple…

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  • Case Study Of Nearshoring: Scope Of Services And Key Success Factors

    Nearshoring: Scope of Services and Key Success Factors Do you want to make your company more responsive and better at completing projects? Setting up a nearshore team might be your solution! Here are our key success factors for companies. 1. Nearshoring Nearshoring (nearshore outsourcing) is when you get your services or work performed by people in countries adjacent or next to yours. This can be setup internally with your own firm’s talent or alternatively with an external partner (service…

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  • INFO 290: Final Exam

    using a computer that is not sharing the information given by the front desk will no know that the patient has been checked in. 3. Discuss in detail the terms “Outsourcing”, “Nearshore outsourcing” and “Offshore outsourcing” with examples. A big part of running a business is to be able to make profit by reducing the cost allocated to factors of production. Managers are able to use multiple strategies in order to lower costs. Outsourcing is s strategy where managers look into having businesses…

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  • Coca-Cola Advertisement Analysis: The Ivory Soap Advertising

    different provider, outside of the company itself. Outsourcing can be used to fulfill activities in certain areas such as facilities management (janitorial), logistics, and accounting to name a few. Companies typically outsource because it is an efficient way to complete work with the use of cheaper labor. In addition, most companies outsource for the activities that they do not frequently participate in. When companies outsource, they move to a provider within the same country. Offshoring…

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  • Case Study: The Acme Industrial Laundry Company

    competitors for Cintas would be Unifirst, Aramark and G&K Services. These three companies hold about 40% of the market share for uniform rentals in the United States. Although, Cintas is the largest in the industry in the United States the Aramark Company already has a presence in Mexico. We believe this is not a concern for Cintas though, because they will be able to leverage their resources to be able to offer the same quality products and services for a lower cost than their competitors. We…

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