Rodney The Porcupine Analysis

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Rodney the Porcupine Lazy, large, and lumpy describe the personality and body traits that lie in Rodney, the picnic-crashing porcupine. The spikes lining his back could pierce through anything that they came across. Therefore, he retained the ability to break into sandwich bags or other food storage containers with ease. His chubby body could do as much damage as a bullet, but that only created half the scare. While most porcupines look squeaky clean, Rodney had horrible hygiene and left himself an unbathed, slimy mess. Touching the fur on Rodney’s belly felt like forcing body parts in flea-ridden fleece. His grotesque appearance made him a key enemy for all picnic-goers, especially those who brought along meat. Rodney possessed a constant craving for grilled meat that lead him to picnics. The rich smell of charcoal searing meat gave Rodney goosebumps every time it wafted across his nostrils. To Rodney, the meat smelled like paradise, as if all his dreams would soon come true. Pineapple covered steak always sent a tingle through Rodney’s toes. It produced a welcoming aroma with a hint of fruity deliciousness. Even though pineapple steak gave him delight, Rodney would eat a diverse variety of grilled meat. Zesty, salty, …show more content…
He especially enjoyed Hot Cheetos. With every crunchy bite of Cheeto, his stomach would erupt in a spasm of excitement, regardless of what his burning tongue would say. The cheesy, spicy, and mouth-watering flavor of Hot Cheetos had the capability to send poor Rodney into a food coma. More often than not, Rodney would wake up inside of the Cheetos bag covered in crumbs and vibrant red cheese powder. Upon awakening, Rodney felt as if he had drank too much alcohol, but he would eventually realize that he had gone into a short food coma caused by his morbid eating addiction. Unfortunately, Rodney possessed other fetishes in addition to his love for

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