Public Transportation In The United States

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The transportation need of older adults in the United States has grown as the population rose by 9.7% between 2000 and 2010 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2013). According to Rosenbloom, many older adults in the United States prefer to drive instead of using public transportation system. According Rosenbloom only eight percent of older adults over the age of 65 uses the transportation system in comparison to sixty percent of older adults in the same age group that drives (2009). Some of the challenges that seniors face when using public transportation is safety concerns. For instance, older adults complain of not having even sidewalks which resulted in injuries from falling (2009). In addition, older adults complain about having longer wait time for the bus. Sterns and Burkhardt stated that the majority of older population are unable to wait outside for a long periods of time especially during bad weathers (2003). National Highway Traffic Safety Administration needs to come up with ways to reduce berries that prevents older adults benefiting the use of the transportation system.

One of the barriers that older adults face in using public transportation is the lack of access to transit-friendly communities. For instance, older adults lose their ability to drive as their eyesight diminished as they get older and become
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This happened due to not being familiar with all the options of transportations, long distance walks, schedule conflicts, uneven sidewalks, unbalances sidewalks, pathological diseases and not having the best transit friendly communities. Implementing changes for the best of seniors using transportation system can lower the amount of injures and straggles that all older adults using public transportation system go through. Hopefully, older adults will more familiar and have all the best transportation access in the near

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